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What is An Electric Cigarette Liquid?

by davein

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Ok so you may be wondering why there is a need for a liquid component in an electric cigarette. Well for those who haven’t tried using e-cigarette you may be wondering on what this liquid is all about. First let me give you a run down on what an electric cigarette is. The E-cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist who was seeking on an alternative to smoking without having to abruptly stop his nicotine addiction. Thus the electronic cigarette was developed, it is a device that is composed of different parts, where each part plays a role in the proper function of the whole device.


What is an Electric Cigarette Liquid?


An electric cigarette liquid does not really form the part of the device but it is added whenever you smoke e-cigarette. It is also known as an e-liquid, e-juice, nicotine fluid or smoke juice, this is the nicotine content of the electric cigarette which is added to the device when in use. The e-liquid is bought separately and the liquid is dripped into the ecigarette cartridges. E-cigarette smokers can refill the cartridges once it is already empty. There are of course cartridges that as sold in the market which are already pre-filled with e-juice however if you want to control your nicotine intake as well as reuse the cartridges and save on money as well as on wastes you can purchase an e-liquid bottle and just refill your cartridges.


E-Juice Flavors


Aside from the fact that e-liquids containing nicotine, it is also mixed with distinct flavors, to mask if not to eradicate the smoke smell that one gets from smoking e-cigarette. It will also make smoking tasteful and fun. There are several flavors being developed and being introduced in the market among them are mint, menthol, chocolate, strawberry and coffee. The best thing with using e-liquid is you can actually mix and match your flavors, for example if you combine chocolate and mint you get that choco-mint flavor. This is one way on how you can be creative in using your electric cigarette.


Just a Word of Caution


Anything in excess is dangerous, even the healthiest of food when taken in excess will be dangerous to one’s health. Since you have the capacity to control your intake of e-liquid you have to remember that one cartridge is equivalent to two to five cigarettes so you do not have to use up the cartridge content in one smoking session, use it sparingly and you will be assured that you will be getting the full benefit of using an electric cigarette.

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