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Google Chrome 1 Free iOS App

by anonymous

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you’ve ever used Google’s Chrome browser, you know that it’s a pretty nifty
browser.  Capable of a lot with some really cool features and top-notch
security.  What’s even cooler is that it’s now available for Apple’s iOS
and it’s a runaway hit.


The app was released on Tuesday, however, it’s only been
available since this  morning.
 Currently, the new mobile version of this kick-ass browser is the top
free app in both the iPhone and iPad categories.  What I think Google did
correctly is instead of creating one version that would run on both the iPhone
and iPad, Google went off and created dedicated versions for both devices,
which means that iPad users (like myself) can take advantage of the iPads vast
visual real estate.


If you’re considering getting the app, know that it offers
the same features (for the most part) as it’s desktop brother, including tabbed
browsing with the ability to switch the position of the tabs.  I’ve always
though the ability to switch the tabs was one of the most underrated aspects about
Google Chrome; others have since adopted a similar philosophy.  The other
real neat part about Google chrome is that the web browser address bar doubles
as a search bar.  Sometimes you don’t know the web address, so you can
just type in “Snorg T-Shirts” and you’ll be taken to that t-shirt shop’s
website (which happens to be   There are other nifty
features, but arguably one of the best is Incognito, which lets you browse
securely without having your history tracked.  This is perfect when you
keep your iPad in the living room and everyone in the household uses it.
 Sometimes, you wanna look at at the Fiat commercial with the supermodel
and don’t want the wifey to see that you’ve been ogling um… automobiles.


Chrome for iOS also let’s you view your bookmarks, saved
passwords, and even open tabs from other computers and devices running the
browser.  In perhaps what it the most over-looked and under appreciated
part of this new app is the fact that you can send Web pages directly from your
PC to your iOS device to read them remotely, even when you’re not online.
 Have the catch the train or subway and don’t have time to check out the
full article?  Send it to the iPad and then catch up on it while you’re on
your commute.  Unless you live in LA, of course, and you have to drive


Google Chrome for iOS is the bees knees.  According to
other sources around the net, more than 3/4 of the users have given it 5-stars.
 Not to shabby.  Maybe Apple will take notice and give some much
needed updates to Safari.


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