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Pursue Quality Center Training Online for Great Software Tes

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Ensuring the quality of software programs much before their introduction into the market is imperative to cut down on unnecessary cost, time and human effort. Here, the role of software testing professionals gains prominence. Aspirants who want to build a career in this sector should opt for online Quality Assurance or QA training to acquire testing skills and methods. Web-based training molds students to perform quality assurance and quality control actions, to specify testing strategies and processes, to carry out regression testing and to garner steps for reporting and process improvement.

Acquiring knowledge of tools like HP Quality Center software enables individuals to assign a priority to testing on the basis of risks, to handle manual and automation tests, and to scrutinize data to ascertain if the product is all set for production. Undergoing Quality Center training is made hassle-free on the web, due to the presence of prestigious institutes that provide an elaborate course structure along with several other learning benefits.   


HP Quality Center is an internet-based software program employed for global application testing. Available in 3 versions, it is used by small, medium and large organizations to ensure software quality assurance. A typical online Quality Center training program must comprise introduction to Quality Center, requirement module, test plan module, test lab module, Quality Center defects, and finally Quality Center reports and graphs.

Once the students complete all the classes of this online QA training, they can take up plenty of assignments and quizzes to fine-tune their knowledge further. All these assignments need to be finished in a fixed duration and then be evaluated and graded by the instructor. Certain web-based institutions have their databases filled with hundreds of QC or QA training quizzes. Some of them are given below with answers highlighted in bold:

  1. 1.      What value do you set the user timeout to in the Server Parameters, so users will never timeout when inactive?

a)     0

b)     999

c)     -1

d)     NULL

e)     1

  1. 2.      How many default user groups are there in QC & what are they?

a)     3: TDAdmin, Developer, QA Tester

b)     2: TDAdmin, Viewer

c)     5: Admin, Developer, Project Manager, QA Tester, Viewer

d)     4: TDAdmin, Developer, QA Tester, Viewer

e)     5: TDAdmin, Developer, Project Manager, QA Tester, Viewer

  1. 3.      What platforms does the QC application support?

a)     Windows Only

b)     Windows & Linux Only

c)     Windows, Linux, Solaris

d)     Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS2

e)     Unix Only

  1. 4.      What do you call a test that resides in a Test Set within the Test Lab module?

a)     Test

b)     Test Set

c)     Lab Test

d)    Test Instance

e)     Lab Instance

You can attempt many such interesting questions on the websites of these institutions. However, you need to join the course by paying a reasonable fee. Several Quality Center training providers on the internet also assist their students in resume and interview preparation as well as securing a job. So, become a QA professional and manage software quality processes consistently with the help of HP Quality Center.

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