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The city of Manchester is the place to be

by thomasjure55

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Like so many other things in life, there is stiff competition betwixt two situations or objects. In reference to this, it seems there is a certain degree of hostility and competition against the city of Manchester and London. Whilst each would stand their ground, defiantly announcing why one would triumph over the other in a battle of wits, style and drinking, there seems to be many others factors worth taking into account. Whilst we certainly don’t want to embrace it and give the misconception that we are promoting it, the drinking culture of this country shows no signs of slowing down, and so we have simply chosen to discuss it to show that it’s on our radar. This way, those that are hoping to abuse it know that we know. This may seem awfully primary school, but we feel it’s a problem worth discussing. Now, back to the all important duel of which city is better.


It goes without saying that anything in London is on a much larger scale than any other city in the county, in most part, we would imagine, due to the massive number of people that call the city home. With almost eight million residents, it’s no surprise that the activities seem a little more varied, accessible and obtainable in London than anywhere else. But in Manchester, they’re certainly catching up. And fast, we might add. With so many people struggling in the recession, our working days are becoming longer and we have less time for social interaction. It is because of this that so many gentlemen are turning to the Manchester escorts that infiltrate the city. There is no commitment, no pressure to call, and no worries about whether you’ll get on. The chances are, you will. With such a wider variety of girls, it’s true it in no way rivals London in terms of girls working, but the quality is as strong as ever. Knowing that in current, troubling times, it has never been more important to stand out with a trustworthy and honest product for the market.

The pull of a Manchester escort is evident. When the world is turning so groomable, there are now enough male cosmetics to challenge the women’s lines, it’s becoming much less acceptable to be rugged, shall we say. Unless it’s taken three different types of razors to get there. It’s like the ‘natural’ look that so many of the magazines favour; you’ll just need two foundations, blush, powder, eye liner, eye makeup, concealer etc. It seems a bit of a double-standard. This isn’t what the natural look was invented for, but the companions were invented for men like you.

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