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The Many Components of a Large Rugged Computer System

by lancevartanian

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Rugged computers are frequently termed ruggedized computers given that they are computer units that possess an incredibly tough body. Rugged computers appear somewhat bulky, however this is only due to their tough framework, which is commonly made from aluminum. Even the anti-reflective LED displays are protected with a component that can not easily be cracked or even permeated by water.

There are additionally rugged computers for industrial environments and military environments. Rugged computers for military purposes are often tougher than industrial ones, though manufacturers and distributors of ruggedized computers and their parts produce components of uniform quality. Here are a few of the parts of a rugged computer-- particularly, the bigger versions that may or may not be placed on walls.

Rackmount Chassis

A ruggedized computer system wouldn't be stable without any rackmount chassis. A rackmount chassis is a structure that supports the commercial servers of a rugged computer. A rackmount chassis appears like a sturdy metal shelf where one would normally put a DVD player. However, in the place of players, multiple motherboard units can be placed inside a rugged computer.

Rackmount Server

A rackmount server can be found in one-rack sections; a rack unit comprises a single component situated in one shelf of a rackmount framework. These units are labeled 1U, 2U, 3U, and so on, which indicate the number of ports that can be found in one unit. These ports can establish precisely how many servers may be hooked up to the computer. These servers can work with more than one operating system, necessitating a KVM switch.

KVM Switches

KVM means kernel-based virtual machine, which makes it possible for users to manipulate a computer with more than one operating system. A KVM switch makes it possible for a user to manage several computers, possibly with more than one operating system. Bigger KVM switches could have as many as eight ports. A KVM switch may have the same dimensions as a rack unit, and can be put in place on a KVM drawer.

KVM Cables

KVM switches must have KVM cables to put the whole rugged computer in operation. These KVM cables are strong yet adjustable. Their defensive coverings are hard to puncture; however, it is suggested to keep them grouped in thick conduits. In case you would like more information, visit

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