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For the Safety of the Whole Household-The Purpose of UL 325

by keritakantz

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You might have been using your old garage door since the early 90s. That is ample reason to consider updating it with a brand-new one instantly. This isn’t just because the law says so, but pre-1992 garage doors can be a risky notably to your kids.

This was the scenario some nine years ago when a fourth grade pupil in Columbus, Ohio rode on the door. As a result, he got stuck, draping unconscious, until a neighbor rushed to rescue. When paramedics came to the scene, the young man needed to be rushed to critical treatment as soon as possible. This accident, together with similar cases, served as a wake-up call for America to replace their pre-1992 garage doors.

Is there anything wrong with these garage doors? It’s not that they’re problematic in ways. However, garage doors made before 1992 are not developed with the technology to back up once they perceive an object in their path. The growing garage door fatalities caused the authorities to implement a law that would mandate future garage doors to do this.

This is referred to as the UL 325, establishing the safety standard for modern garage doors. Put into effect in 2000, UL 325 required garage doors after 1992 to use a sound reversing system just like infrared or photoelectric eyes. These instruments allow the garage door to stop closing and go back when a little one, for instance, is in the way.

Despite the fact that no law of compliance with UL 325 is available, Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations places UL 325 under the ambit of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This means that the OSHA may not propose garage doors that don’t meet the criteria of UL 325. Furthermore, Nevada mandated Compliance to UL 325. Other states like Utah may follow, so it is wise to deal with aged garage doors Salt Lake City old properties possess as soon as possible.

A simple means to identify whether a garage door meets the current specifications is by seeking any seal of quality, such as the UL logo. It’s ill-advised to employ garage doors not showing any seals of quality in any garage Salt Lake City has. For the record, the safety of your household is at stake.

To learn more about the hazards of garage doors, you can check out Moreover, read more on the UL 325 standard on any garage door Salt Lake City citizens have on

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