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Why Limos Are The Way To Go

by andrinaroyceston

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There'll always be that one car that stands apart among the rest whenever you are on the highway. You see them at wedding ceremonies to take VIPs to and from the wedding reception or the chapel. You see them on television, opening their doors to push out cheerful stars unto a loving public. And maybe you see them by your office building, carrying wealthy VIPs to their mansions and back. There’s really no other motor vehicle that spells ‘class’ and ‘style’ quite like the limo, is there?

Limousines (or limos) have long been used as a high end vehicle by the rich and affluent. Their predecessors were high-priced carriages in the 1700s, lined with gold and silver and drawn by the greatest horses. When autos began to alter the face of territory transportation in the late 1800s, it wasn’t long before they too would get their own class of luxury vehicle. The result was the world’s first limo, manufactured in 1902. It was so called because its external driver’s pocket (not unlike a carriage’s) was similar to a hood worn by the Limousin, people of southwest France.

It’s been over 100 years since limos first appeared on the highway. The Wintons and Studebakers of earlier times have provided way to Cadillacs, Audis, and Mercedes-Benzes. Today, vehicle producers transform existing car models into luxurious vehicles for many who can meet the automobiles’ hefty prices. They come in all shapes, sizes, and kinds. Below is an introduction to two of them.

Typically the most popular will be the stretch limo, which is commonly based off a sedan's chassis. Typically, these present around 120 inches worth of inner space, and can seat close to 8-10 passengers while supplying amenities such as television sets, digital video disc players, beverage cabinets, and sometimes even hot baths. The stretch limo is a favorite rental automobile amongst couples-to-be and graduates. Normally, Austin limo suppliers will almost certainly rent you one for $65 an hour.

One other popular, but expensive, type is the party bus. Broader than the average stretch limo, party buses can accommodate over 40 riders comfortably and present more amenities than a stretch limo (including bathrooms and cameras). Austin limos similar to this can be hired at the very least for one hundred and twenty five American dollars per hour.

Log on to to read much more about limousine services. Consider hiring one when that a significant event occurs and your guests need a ride-or even when you feel like allowing yourself a magnificent transportation. Austin limos are a uncomplicated way to make your trip a memorable one. Cheerful riding!

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