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Types of Storage Equipment Every Business Should Have

by rubybadcoe

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Various industries and businesses including financial institutions, hospitals, manufacturers, government agencies, and insurance companies collect heaps of documents and valuable data over the years. This can be in the form of paper records, microfilms, CDs, video tapes, and other computer-related media. For organization purposes, these are kept in specific types of storage to make it easier to keep track of everything. Below is a list of some of the more popular types in use today.

Box Storage

As the most basic of all storage equipment, storage boxes are one of the easiest and most utilized storage solutions for keeping documents and records. It’s also a great option for novice business owners who’ve accumulated stacks of documents in a short period of time. Records are kept in labeled boxes and stacked on multiple shelves to save space.

Open File Storage

Documents or paper records that can’t be archived just yet can be stored using this option. An open file storage system uses sturdy and efficient storage shelves where files and documents can be placed in neat rows—just like the stack of books you often see in school libraries. They come in various shapes and sizes and have the added advantage of being easily accessible since the multiple shelves are kept open.

Multilevel Systems

Business owners running large companies can rely on this type of records storage Los Angeles data management firms offer to organize huge quantities of documents, files, and records in one area. Items are neatly stacked and placed in custom made shelf racks and are stored in specific warehouses. Since it would be too time-consuming to locate a certain file because of the sheer number of shelves, computers and management software usually come in handy with this option.

Long Span Storage System

Just like multilevel systems, this type of records storage Los Angeles companies utilize also uses efficient shelf racks, only the shelves are often made from metal and can take up to 2,400 lbs. of weight. Documents, files, or records that need to be stored for a very long time are ideal for this storage system. They come in various lengths and heights and would usually require forklifts to lift boxes of items to the racks.

Low Profile Storage

This type of records storage Los Angeles companies use utilizes container boxes and shelves to store huge quantities of paper records, microfilms, DVDs, tapes, and other computer media. This is one of the most flexible storage systems there is as you can stack as many documents and records as possible. Visit for more information.

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