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Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

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It's often said that one has to make mistakes to learn important life lessons, but that’s not necessarily helpful when it comes to major purchases. In Oakville, where the climate is generally pleasant, heavy rain may suddenly strike and cause problems such as roofing damage. Without sufficient discernment, you may end up hiring an incompetent contractor whose shoddy work would require further repairs, which entail additional costs and inconvenience.


When it comes to buying used cars, it's even more essential to avoid costly mistakes. Remember, your safety as well as those of your loved ones would greatly depend on the quality of the vehicle, whether it’s brand-new or pre-owned. Read on and find out how you can avoid some of the most common car buying errors.


Used cars come with vehicle reports that detail the vehicle's history including the previous owners, the accidents it's encountered (if any), as well repairs and replacements of any parts. These reports are important, but that doesn't mean they are 100 percent reliable. Always have a mechanic perform a thorough vehicle inspection so you can really be sure about its condition.


A mechanic will also be able to tell if the car requires extensive or minor repairs by looking at the interior, tires, under the hood, trunk, and others. Your mechanic will also look at oil or fluid leaks under the car, worn-out tires, or peeling paint. If the dealership doesn't allow third-party inspectors, then this may be an indication that something's wrong with the car.


You'll also need to do your part, so ask dealerships that sell the kind of used cars Oakville residents prefer if you can take the car out for a test drive. While on the test drive, listen well for any unusual sounds from the engine or exhaust. In addition, check the handling, i.e. whether the car stays on a straight track even if you remove your hands from the steering wheel.


Some dealerships may entice you with low rates on used corporate cars. However, these are the ones you would want to avoid as some are not well-maintained and are therefore neither safe nor reliable. For utmost reliability, safety, and fuel efficiency, you could instead opt for used cars in Oakville that are certified pre-owned and have undergone strict inspection and maintenance.


When in the market for used cars, don’t forget to ask about warranty coverage. Reputable dealerships that sell the kind of used cars Oakville car-buyers want will make sure you’re fully informed about the warranty coverage prior to sealing the deal. For more information, visit

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