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Teaching Strategy in Distance Education

by simranbebi

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The portfolio is another innovative technological tool in the teaching-learning process. In this case, this tool allows the teacher to integrate the real evaluation of this process as it collects samples of learning activities in key moments and this allows you to reflect on the achievements made during the process and the difficulties that arise.

This is significant in distance education and involves more interaction between teacher and student.

The teachers, through this system continuously collect information on the work and the process of developing them, and thus can adapt the contents of the subject to notice requirements in them. To the student is motivating and helps make your work collaboratively.

Both teachers and learners manage a virtual space that may include some reflection on the tasks to be performed.

Using this system, students also participate in his evaluation done during the Online MBA process while adequately informed about the skills that a person or group of people can demonstrate, and the nature and use of process learning have continued to get these achievements, which ultimately can assess not only the learning but also the capacity for learning that is demonstrated and skills that need it.

In addition, another important skill that develops with the use of this tool is written communication. The student writes for a wide audience what probably motivates him to strive in spelling and syntax.

The aim of the electronic portfolio covers from self-reflection and presentation of achievements. Each author creates the kind of portfolio that suits your needs.

In education, the edu.portfolio editor to create, simply, a place to go to organizing and reflecting on what is relevant to the author. Not having a predefined structure each user can customize as you see fit.

At university level, allows teachers and students work in the teaching-learning activities on the Internet. In the portfolio, the student will reflect the activities to be developed while making an assessment of the process and results.

From the standpoint of the teacher's portfolio allows you to store your teaching materials so that they can be consulted on an ongoing basis?

The portfolio, says not only an assessment tool and learning but is a clear reform traditional Online education system.

Of all the tools discussed so far consider that the portfolio is the most complete because it allows the student to be in almost constant contact with the teacher, self-assess their learning process which will enable the achievement of its objectives is more important.

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