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Electronic Cigarettes: A Feasible Tool to Quit Tobacco Use

by shalaohms

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 How many times have you vowed to your family that you were planning to cease cigarette smoking altogether only to dishearten them time and again?. You might have tried out the nicotine gum, but it was just unflavored candy to you. You also tried the nicotine strip that you attach to your skin, but it just made you feel hazy. You don’t have to feel distressed. You're not the only tobacco smoker on earth who’s having a hard time quitting smoking. If it's any comfort, the American Cancer Society states that just 7% of tobacco smokers are successful at quitting on their very first try.

However, this report should not discourage you from your ultimate aim—which is to cease cigarette smoking for life. There's actually a brand new approach that other tobacco smokers are testing. No, it's not a clinical procedure that involves cutting off your lips, but an evolution of the common cigarette. Before you raise your brows and imagine a nicotine-dispensing droid that slams you every time you flick a cigar, think along the lines of battery-powered devices. Yes, you got it correctly: it's the e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes are inventions that simulate the actual smoking sensation sans the unfavorable outcomes and health hazards of a regular cigarette. It closely resembles a normal stick of cigarette but is totally different on the inside. It uses a battery-powered heating device to vaporize fluid nicotine and flavor from a cartridge. To make your smoking experience more realistic, propylene glycol is added to create a visible vapor to act as "smoke".

So, exactly how coulddoes an e-cigarette place you on the route of cigarette smoking? Well, you don't really need to do a "cold turkey", which reports show has a 96.5 % failure rate. Quickly giving up a pattern could induce severe withdrawal symptoms in contrast to a steady reduction. Nicotine is the addictive material in cigarettes, which is likewise existing in electronic cigarettes.

Through an electronic cigarette, you can give your body its dose of nicotine sans the poisonous components of tar and tobacco. An electronic cigarette kit comes with capsules that release varying amounts of nicotine. You can choose exactly how much nicotine you require, according to the nicotine amount of your former cigarette brand, and taper your intake until your body learns to live without it.

You can easily buy electronic cigarettes at local shops or online. When you’re getting a set, you must choose one that’s specially intended for quitting smoking. Other types are intended for smokers who still would like to delight in and try out a variety of nicotine levels and tastes.

Even though the use of e-cigarettes to cease cigarette smoking is somewhat new, you’ll find online communities for e-smokers where one can obtain support and data. Learn more on how to cease smoking via an electronic cigarette at

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