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Islamic year get take start from Muslims holy month that call is Muharam.muslims obey all months but they have deep grief for this month most spiritual personalty.and so this sad event consider world most biggest ever, that we dedicate our worships and prayers for him and for all family members. So the Muslim pains even feel some non religious too and consider its valid personality in best regard words. Like from beginning, all other months also have the most valid and suitable values and importence.where we also mention, another month of blessing that call is Ramdan Mubark.muslims have fast throughout month. Where they scarify their hunger and thirst.muslims put all that for Almighty ALLAH. So this month is full of blessing to share and give prayers to other fellows. And even narrate best Islamic tradition too by Ramdan sms. Not for the matter of hunger and thirst, but folks and persons have deep spiritual feel for this month as each time represent the best time of acceptance where all type of needs and prayers get fulfill.

It is firm belief as GOD says too by considering and admitting this is my specific month.muslims put fast for me and I will pay him or her best in return. Even Muslims get all relief by his or her sins and crime that made in past. Even Muslims religions have vast type of values that treat a simple man in very manner full aspect. This is carrying some sort of cure able treatment for almost all type diseases. And even in this modern and latest era, folks and human even all scientist and medical experts accepted all these. Where medical and science get end, worship start, belief begins and soul get satisfy. Folks share to get distinguish messages about Islam and Islamic festival cultures. Like we can share grief for first month through Muharram sms form phone, webs on many type of social portals. In western and other content public or culture loads of psychiatrists and psychotherapists daunt the use of any devout thought in behavior of expressively chaotic. Of course, many big man's who rule all time in their own journey and lead a tribe of people to lead the better and best way to light and glow.

Where they never left alone their each and solo follower in the time of distress and when he or she felt pain. Islam is a solo religion that was overcome just because of its politeness and virtue. Even now Muslims rule on major of globe part. We also can share these type of unique and informative info to others and non Muslims too. So even this made easier to technology where beam of thought share by on single moment like send good night sms to family and friends at sudden you think you should to send and you get it. This shows our inner and coated love and care for another one, as consider it too best and love wrap way.we can bring more close to others who are so far.

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