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Pediatric Surgery in Pune: Change Your Child's Life

by NobleHospital

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Surgery is a medical procedure carried out on a regular basis across the world. Certain medical problems need physical intervention in the form of surgery. Issues such as tumours, foreign bodies that a patient's own body fails to expel or obstructions in normal function of the internal organs usually need to be operated upon via surgery. Being an extremely vast discipline, surgery is divided into a large number of categories and sub-categories. Although surgery's roots can be traced back to ancient times, performing it on children, particularly infants and newborns was considered risky and even life-threatening.

In the middle of the 20th century, a sub-specialty called Pediatric Surgery was formed that focused on developing methods and techniques suitable for performing it on children. Originally, it was devised for surgically treating birth defects in infants, but it slowly expanded its boundaries, catering to children as well as adolescents and young adults. This advancement meant that the infant mortality rate due to previously untreatable congenital problems fell to nearly zero. The main sub-categories of pediatric surgery are fetal surgery and neonatal surgery. Being a vast and wide discipline, it has several other sub-specialties, each requiring separate training.

Pediatric surgeons receive training to deal with very specific pediatric diseases, such as abdominal and chest wall deformities, congenital malformations and childhood tumours. Depending on their specialisation, a surgeon may also receive training for surgery on a child's heart and / or lungs, kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract to name a few. This sub-specialty of surgery deserves its share of credit for lowering infant mortality rate by a significant percentage. Fetal surgery and neo-natal surgeries are probably the most important sub-types of pediatric surgery since they require a high degree of care and precision due to the fragility of fetuses and newborns. Open fetal surgeries are high-risk and its success is not guaranteed. Comparatively, minimally invasive techniques for operating on the fetus have a better success rate.

India, as a fast-growing centre for modern medical practices has its own share of major pediatric wards. However, few hospitals have pediatric wards with provisions for pediatric surgeries. One of the biggest hospitals in the country, Noble Hospital is one of the better-known hospitals for Pediatric surgery in Pune. While the hospital provides surgical treatments in different areas like neurology, nephrology and orthopedics, their surgeons are also trained in and actively practice surgical operations on children.

However, the idea and the event of a surgery is stressful for children as well as their parents. A well-trained and experienced staff is important for ensuring peace of mind in the child patients and their parents. Noble Hospital's team of surgeons possess a high degree of training and expertise in different surgical disciplines, including pediatric surgery. Their state-of-the art operation theatre with technologically advanced equipment and instruments help the surgeons and nurses with monitoring the patients throughout the duration of the operation. This helps them perform their tasks and duties with maximum efficiency, thereby pushing the chance of a successful surgery to nearly hundred percent. Undoubtedly, this makes Noble Hospital a sensible choice for pediatric surgeries in Pune.

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