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A Quick And Effective Bathroom Planner

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Bathroom is as important as any other room in your house. It is one of the most frequently used rooms in the entire day. Planning for bathroom can be frustrating; it is not an everyday task and needs a lot of technical understanding of plumbing and related issues. Many times it’s found that simple things can make your bathroom look more spacious, airy and clutter free with proper planning. A bathroom planner is of great help if you are thinking of designing your new home or remodeling your existing bathroom which never had proper facilities. Bathroom planner is nothing but making a rough plan of how your bathroom will look like. Below are few tips to follow when remodeling or designing your new bathroom.


Before planning your restroom, always check out its layout area. You can make a sketch or a rough design and plan things for your remodeling project. Check out the placing of necessary and essential bathroom fittings like bath tub, wash basin, toilet seat, bath or shower kit, basin taps, mirror and dust bin in accordance to the area. There are a lot of compact and effective range of bathroom accessories and furniture available in every size and design to meet you and your family’s requirements in the market. Plan according to the amount of space available; try to keep it clutter free with minimal and essential things to be placed. One can also experiment with the looks by choosing bright wall paints, pretty designer tiles, colorful shower curtains and rugs. This will give a fresh and inviting look to the entire area. Take a break from regular wash basin designs and go for modern trendy looking wash basins. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors like square, round, oval and rectangular. Pick the one which will suit your bathroom décor. If you want, you can also experiment with the direction or place of your shower enclosure for a change.


Many people consider bathroom as a place for relaxing than, bathing and taking showers. There are many who enjoy their bathtub sessions with soaking, grooming, and dressing activities. It is one of the most important corners of your home, so keeping it clean, functional and inviting should be of prime importance. A lot of unwanted bathroom furniture and plumbing issues make it tiresome and difficult to maintain. Bathroom planner is a guide to help you design a smart bathroom in the same fixed area of your house. With proper bathroom accessories and effective bathroom fittings one can design a lovely looking bathroom easily. Even a small restroom can appear spacious with right bathroom products and perfect design.

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