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A Child's Phases of Learning: Reading Books

by neilpoirer

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In spite of developments in visual media like television and the Internet, reading remains an activity people do most of the time. Whether it’s checking the newspapers for current events or curling up in the couch with a novel by your favorite writer, there’s simply something about reading that provides fulfillment other forms of visual media don’t really do.

Reading is here to remain even as technology evolves. If you have your very own child at this point, then undoubtedly you desire to pass on that talent to her. Someday, you’re probably wondering to yourself when the appropriate time to train your kid to read is. Thankfully, many learning specialists have since learned and shared a few matters on the way your child can be able to read, depending on what level she’s in.


If your child is a toddler at this point, start by permitting her to handle items like books. You can work with old books or those donated to community libraries. As mentioned earlier, spend some time to read a book with her and even trace your finger with the words you read out loud so that she can follow.


Supposing you constantly read with your kid, she’ll be seeking her most-liked book right now. Your little one is aware that the words and phrases in her book have meaning, much more if she sees you using those same words and phrases frequently. Books with pictures are particularly effective for the reason that youngsters mostly learn by what their eyes perceive, analyzing pictures and making connections to real things. She may also begin scribbling, to the point of writing on an old book you got for her.


By kindergarten, your youngster can very likely dictate her ABC's or identify a number of sounds, letters, or words. Despite the fact that she can’t make use of literature study guides at this time, she could read aloud and express herself or use detailed language to pose questions relating to the story she’s reading. Having said that, do get her those study guides when she gets older. She may even begin making her own story, which is something you ought to encourage if ever it happens.

Grade School

At this time, your kid has a basic understanding and appreciation of reading, able to identify up to a hundred words or maybe correct herself when reading something out loud erroneously. She can appreciate non-fiction and fiction. Her school can let her read a literature textbook, so be ready to assist her if necessary.

Something to bear in mind is that every person, particularly a child, learns and reads at her own speed. Whether it’s using a regular book or even a science textbook, the crucial thing is to inspire your kid to read whatever and whenever she wants. You can browse more concerning child reading at and


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