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So many French bistros and restaurants in the City

by bennycamp

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The largest Western European country, France is considered one of the greatest countries in the world in terms of language, history and culture. Whilst it’s only a train journey away, very few of us spend as much time in the country as we probably could do. Certainly not enough to soak up the culture, their way of life, and the beautiful France escorts. But with the recession unfairly filling us with debt and worry, we don’t feel in the position to be spending a wad of cash on a Eurostar journey. Fortunately, we hear that the companions are not only to be found in the country they hail from but in London also. And why not? Especially when there are so many French bistros and restaurants in the city.

Trying not to sound like the PR team for this restaurant, we couldn’t be more excited about Galvin Restaurants. A family-run collective of French restaurants in London, brothers Chris and Jeff are both Michelin-starred chefs, spreading their expertise through each one of their locations. Whilst each remains unique in its own way, they share the desire to offer patrons high quality French cuisine. Remaining true to their roots, they design their restaurants to be warm and hospitable; this is in stark contrast to the growing trend of modern establishments where they try to be cold, but in a completely ironic way, you understand. In this case, however, they do not mess with the success that an inviting restaurant can create. The newly opened Galvin Demoiselle, in Harrods pantry food hall, offers quality by the super clean and fine bone china platterful. Coupling eating with a spot of luxury shopping, it doesn’t get much better than this. Especially when the signature dish is a sweet dish? We hear the apple tarte tatin is most welcome, especially when the weather is as hot as it has been, and you’re looking for the opportunity to take a load off your feet.

An alternative to just a quick cup of tea and a cake is the Galvin Bistrot de Luxe. Relaxed, informal yet uncompromisingly vibrant, diners will find this particular eatery in Baker Street. Staying as authentic to Paris dining as possible, the banquette seating coupled with the globe lighting creates such an atmosphere that you’ll be surprised not to be paying in euros. With tables covered with crisp white napkins, it only makes the experience all the more authentic. Serving up the classics, it works out much cheaper than taking a trip to the country that made snails and frogs famous. But only marginally so if you opt for the seven course option.  Having said that, we’re sure it would fill you up for about a week.

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