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The East Coast in general, and New York and Connecticut in particular, offer fantastic opportunities for the shutterbugs. Photographers have turned fall in Connecticut and winter’s snow cover in New Yorkinto iconic natural beauty images. As leaves turn to orange, yellow, and red from green in the fall in Connecticut, photographers go crazy. Equally appealing are the ice skaters, conifers, Christmas lights and snowflakes for photography in New York.

Apart from nature, NJ, NYC, CT and PA are places of great cultural mishmash too, and offer unique chances for photographers interested in human subjects. These areas have always been popular with immigrants from all over the world, what with Ellis Island being the port of entry until well into the last century. For the same reason, places like NYC and NJ can boast of a wide array of “towns” or ethnically oriented areas where people are keeping their cultures alive even as they interact with others whom they previously had no cultural interaction with. Human interest stories are always in abundance here, and NJ and NYC Photographers never fail to capture those.

Given the high probability of hitting on either a great scene of human interaction, an astounding architectural marvel, or a wonder of nature in centers of the East Coast like NYC, NJ and CT, it is not surprising to find several professional photographers have set up shop in one of these places. Photography has been an old obsession here. Professional photography includes setting up a shot with lights, background setting etc, taking pictures, editing them (if taken in the digital format), and printing them on photographic paper or developing them if shot on reel. It requires a proper studio, several cameras and different types of lenses, other paraphernalia and a dark room too.

Hotshotfoto is one such professional NYC and NJ based photography service. They have trained CT Wedding Photographers who have a large client base in NJ but they also handle portrait photography. This photography service is based in NYC and NJ, but they work throughout CT, PA and New York depending on assignments. They offer their services for large gatherings like weddings, proms, and birthdays, but also for private sittings like family portraits. They even have one photographer in New York who specializes in making babies pose for adorable pictures! Needless to say, it requires different temperaments for different photographic subjects. Still life photographers have a taste and eye different from those who enjoy capturing human emotions in action via their photography.

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