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Useful iPhone Applications for Durham Drivers

by patrickgauer

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Not too long ago, people would be thrilled and consider themselves tech-savvy if they owned a mobile phone the size of a suitcase. Today, however, people will settle for nothing less than the best and most technologically-advanced gadgets. And it doesn’t stop there—people want every piece of technology they own to effortlessly sync up and work together to make life much easier.

A perfect example of this would be iPhone apps that can be used with your car. If you take your iPhone along when driving around Durham, then you no longer need to purchase cars with expensive navigation systems, or with data centers that measure fuel efficiency. All you’d have to do is purchase these apps and you’re good to go.

TomTom USA & Canada ($59.99)

Though this app might seem a bit pricey to most Durham iPhone users, you can be sure that it’s worth it. This application basically turns your phone into a GPS device—it can give you real-time traffic updates, calculate routes to and from your destination, and show you information about your current speed and projected travel time. It even includes clear voice instructions, just like in any navigation system.

Craftsman Garage Door (free)

Have you ever been oppressed by that nagging voice in your head asking, “Did you close the garage door” while you’re out in your car? This self-doubt can lead to bouts of anxiety the whole day. This app, however, allows you to remotely open or close your mechanized garage door as long as your iPhone has a signal. The only catch is you have to install a Craftsman AssureLink Internet Connected DC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener in your garage.

GoPoint App (free)

Have you ever wondered how the mechanic checks your car’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port? They plug in a connector worth thousands of dollars to your car’s data port, allowing their computer to communicate with your car. All cars Durham dealerships sell come with an OBD port which allows you access to the car’s system with the free GoPoint app and the price of an ordinary cable.

Dynolicious ($12.99)

So you bought a Camaro from one of the dealers of Chevrolet Durham has. How do you measure just how fast you’re going without stealing a radar gun from some traffic cop? With the Dynolicious, you’d have an app that combines the uses of a radar gun, a dynamometer, and a drag strip timing mechanism. What more can you want?

So next time you look at cars for sale Durham dealerships have, you might want to consider how existing iPhone apps can help make the ride in each car much better. For more information, you can visit

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