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The New Age Bicycles For You

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If you are an avid biker and if you feel that the bicycle that you possess does not match your style, the new generation cycles are definitely an ideal choice for you.

Constructed from titanium and carbon alloys, these bikes are designed to offer the best ride in any terrain. The bicycles are designed to be light and are usually geared. Though the fundamental blueprint of the bicycle remains the same, sufficient changes have been made in the engineering of these bikes.

The bikes offer significant solace with thin tires, a variety of gear systems, and most of all, an ultra-light design, which will bring out the biker in you.

Different categories of Bicycles

Bikes can be categorized into various categories such as touring bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, comfort cruisers, utility bikes, and folding cycles.

Touring bikes are meant for the long trips that you want to travel. These are designed to be extremely sturdy and offer the best comfort. They can also sustain significant loads.

Mountain bicycles are fitted with tires that have asymmetric grooves for better grip on the terrain. These are highly robust and give you the best ride irrespective of the terrain.

Hybrid cycles are a combination of the touring and the mountain bikes. Best designed for your ride in the city, they can be used to ride on the pavements. These bikes can also be used on tracks that are highly polished surfaces.

Comfort cruiser bikes are designed to give the best comfort in biking. These are best made for biking in beaches. These come with erect handles, broad tires and are geared.

Utility bikes are geared and are also fitted with a container. You can use even use them in the shopping arcade. These are fitted with dead weight tires, are strongly structured and have chain latches.

Folding bikes, as the name implies, can be folded and reduced to make it significantly smaller. The wheels of these bikes are smaller and the handles and the chassis are foldable.

Among all the bikes that are currently available, the hybrid bikes are in huge demand owing to the features and the comfort that they have to offer. Hybrid bikes are called so since they have been designed by adding the features of a road bike and a mountain terrain bike.

Among the several models of hybrid bikes that are available and if you are keen to buy a hybrid bike that offers the best value, then there are several aspects that are required to be looked into such as the front suspension forks and suspension seatposts.

Why are these important?

Those hybrid bikes that offer a lockout feature in their suspension systems are termed to be a bicycle. There are several surfaces wherein the suspension systems are not required at all.

Suspension seatposts play a pivotal role while travelling on a rough terrain, and a better coil spring action results in improved biking comfort. Pick the best-suited bicycle that suits your requirements.

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