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At SunSalute Yoga we specialize in providing the best possible yoga classes that are suitable and accessible to all adult people. This means whether you are an elite sportsperson, ex-gymnast, someone who doesn’t exercise at all, senior with limited movement, busy mother, executive or the average person we have a class that will allow you to experience the benefits that yoga can bring to one’s life. And believe me, there are many benefits to be experience from Yoga.

We do this by providing a range of classes at different times throughout the day. Our Ashtanga classes start at 5.30am in the morning. These Ashtangaclasses cater to Ashtanga Beginners and Ashtanga Mysore practitioners.

We have a 9.30am timeslot for Pulse Vinyasa. Our Pulse Vinyasa classes are cutting edge in their delivery. Our teachers blend challenging postures with variations for the beginner. One of the great things about the Pulse Vinyasaclass at Sun Saluteis the great time had by everyone in these classes and the wide range of ability levels found. These Pulse Vinyasaclasses are perfect for flattening the stomach and toning up the arms and legs. As the name suggests, Pulse Vinyasawill get the pulse moving. It is far from your typical Vinyasaclass found in other yoga studios.

Our Deep Stretch Restorative class has two timeslots, a midweek evening and Sunday morning 9am. It is as the name suggests, a chilled out class with lots of deep stretching and relaxing.

The evening weekly program is caters mainly to the Ashtanga Beginnerand Ashtanga TalkThruclass. The Ashtanga sequence enables students to work on building core strength as well as improving their flexibility. At SunSalutewe encourage all of our Ashtangastudents to try and come at least twice a week so experience maximum benefits from the practice. This is also why SunSalute Yoga offers classes on the weekend, to give you every opportunity for a better life through yoga..  

The original purposes of Yoga were liberation of the self from worldly desires and the attainment of a state of spiritual perfection through practicing various physical positions (asana) and breathing (pranayama). In the modern day, the focus in the beginning tends to be more on the physical and health benefits of yoga. At SunSalute Yoga we offer the opportunity for greater exploration of what yoga is as you travel your yogic journey.

Ashtanga Yoga is most commonly recognized for its physical benefits as its practitioners build fantastic core strength. Ashtanga yogis are also well-known for their incredible limberness and flexibility. The reason for this flexibility has less to do with shock and speed training like weight lifting and calisthenics, and more to do with giving the body opportunity to move to the limit of their suppleness through various physical positions, known as asana. These extensive positions actually take into account the full range of almost each possible permutation of kinesthetic motion the human anatomy is theoretically capable of making. It is usually the footballer, the weightlifter and the runner who find the Ashtangathe most challenging.

Breathing exercises (pranayama) is a key characteristic of Ashtanga Yoga and all other classes taught at SunSalute. Traditional teachings tell us that these practices were thought to be mystic in nature, channeling "energies" into parts of the body. Modern science also reveals that pranayama increases stamina and physical endurance. Lung capacity and the efficiency of the lung's air sacs are also improved.

Meditation is also offered at SunSalute Yoga. In very simple terms, the state of meditation is when the mind becomes still and peace is experienced within. Through the practice of meditation, the practitioner recognizes there is more than the mind and body. For most of us, the attempt to meditate acts as a form of mental conditioning, teaching the mind to relax and work in a more focused and efficient fashion. One example includes letting go of all thoughts and letting your emotions flow through you without affecting you directly. This allows you to experience without reacting.

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