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The Impacts Of Sinking Population Of Chinese Women On Chines

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In the past few years, the one child policy clubbed with the general preference for a male offspring among the Chinese people has led to a significant decrease in the population of Chinese women in the country. The rising gender imbalance is now being perceived as a major issue, which if not addressed in time will cause serious problems for the social and economic growth of the nation in the coming years. The two major repercussions of skewed male female ratio are discussed below.

  1. Rise In Forced Marriages And Prostitution: The most direct impact of the reduction in the numbers of Chinese women is the rise of number of bachelors in the country. Given the inability of such men to find suitable life mates, they start looking for alternatives with forced marriages and seeking the company of prostitutes being the most common alternatives. The fact that there are numerous suitors for every single female has enhanced the trend of forced marriages, especially in the rural and poverty ridden areas of the countries by significant margins. On the other hand, prostitution has become a big business in China with the estimated number of sex workers within the country being no less than four million.

  2. Changing Social Norms And Values: The rising sexual imbalance has played a major role in bringing about a visible change in the age old social values and morals. One such change is the rise in the number of intergeneration marriages and gay relationships. With the dwindling number of Chinese women, the society might be forced to adapt a more tolerant attitude towards the union of gay partners. At the same time, women above 30, who were earlier considered unsuitable for marriage, would be able to find a greater number of younger partners willing to marry them. However, in many such cases, the financial stability and condition of the male partner might prove to hold greater importance rather than the feeling of mutual love and care.

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