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U.S. and Canada Share NORAD, So Why Not Toyota Warranties?

by timmyradloff

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The United States and Canada are two neighboring giants that share many things in common. These two countries share a unified military facility that serves as their eyes and ears from any threat off their coasts. For all the years Uncle Sam and Johnny Canuck have been the best of friends, you think they could at least honor each other’s car warranties?

Of course, there are some things that must stay within the borders of each country. In the case of car trade, some car brands from either side of the border don’t honor warranties the moment they cross the border—US warranties are strictly US, and the same goes for Canada. It’s a concern among many Canadians since they find US-made cars cheaper. When the car crosses the Niagara border, the car’s warranty is as good as void in the True North.

Don’t worry, dear car buyer, because many car companies from both sides have taken note. You’ll be happy to know US warranties and other things on most car brands can now be eligible in Canada, as much as Canadian warranties are in the US. In other words, for some cars like Toyota, these warranties have your back even when you cross the border.

When you buy a US-made Toyota in a car dealership close to the border in Ontario, warranty on the car will still be honored in Canada. This is good news for car buyers as they no longer have to stop at the outpost for the processing of papers. They also don’t have to take their US-made car south of the border just to bring it to an accredited repair shop.

Another piece of good news is that many car companies in the area make sale promotions, reducing or keeping prices down to compete with those from the US. This saves Canadians the trouble of crossing the other side to buy a used Toyota Ottawa dealers already offer. Since 2008, Toyota has been pulling its prices down to more attractive figures. Also, their newer models have more basic features installed into them without any price increase.

It’s good to know that the two giants can honor each other’s car warranties. Border patrol may have been saved from the countless processing of papers from Canadians wanting to import a car from the other side. So, unless necessary, buy your used Toyota RAV4 close to home.

For more information about other car brands honoring car warranties on both sides of the border, visit Some brands have yet to make the same move; but it will only be a matter of time. For now, if you’re an avid fan of a used Toyota RAV4, you’re very lucky.

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