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All about efficient water disinfectant

by rickpetko91791

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Water is the most essential thing in life. Without water we cannot live. Clean water is very essential for many purposes especially drinking. Many viruses and bacteria’s grow in water, so to deactivate them water treatment is necessary. Water Disinfection means removal or killing of pathogenic microorganisms. It can be done by means of physical or chemical water disinfectants. Water Disinfectant is a chemical agent that inhibits the growth of pathogens.


Until today chlorine and chlorine-type disinfectants are the most widespread used disinfectants. But it has numerous disadvantages and hazards related to safety and health. The water treatment industry has discovered the best alternative TwinOxide, which is based on an eco-friendly advanced concept for water treatment. Numerous governments, industries and academics worldwide have acknowledged it as the best replacement for chlorine.


Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical compound, a yellowish-green gas crystallizing at -59°C, which is explosive in nature, therefore handled as a dissolved gas in water. Whereas, TwinOxide is a powdered kit of two compound products which on dissolving generates chlorine dioxide and hence it is safe for transporting chlorine dioxide. TwinOxide is applied in wide areas like drinking water disinfection and water production plants, washing of vegetables and fruits, in swimming pools and preparation of poultry, dairy, brewing and drinks industry, paper industry, tank cleaning and many more.


It is solvable in water, not explosive, control slime and biofilm formation and has higher material tolerance. The colour, taste and smell of water improve with the use of TwinOxide. It can easily be transported and delivered with less investment cost. It is far better as compared to chlorine dioxide. It is available all over worldwide. Many companies sell it in low prices and many disinfectants are sold in market using TwinOxide name. So you must buy the product of a reputed company and ensure its quality and content because price is the secondary thing if we talk about quality.


TwinOxide is available in different sizes and packages like mini jars, jars and pails. It has an indefinite shelf-life, remains active as a biocide far longer than chlorine and is a very efficient dosage. It is simple to apply, safe to handle and also can be easily transported by air, sea and road. If you want to be a supplier of TwinOxide you just have to contact the particular company through online and can also get the complete information on it.

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