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Parents are Exclusive Present

by anonymous

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Our life base most of time on money, fame and renown and yes of course others that relate to it. Many public folks have their own importence, as they give much heap on various thing or we can add that they give priority as they like. Some time relations much matter. Not sometime but it will be better saying that, they have to put first some persons some being and some people at first. The best example we can take, is our parents. Parents are most precious and dear gift by nature. As our creator feel our need for them.thats why we all time want to see our parents near by us. In Islamic term, the knowledge assigns all duties to them. Even Islam made huge difference between mother and father. The both have their own dignity in all aspects. While we celebrate father day and make it best when we send Fathers Day SMS to our parent. When we will feel value for them, then we can make best part of their lives. We really don't try to even think what they really deserve from us? What need they demand? Are we paying our best role to fulfill their all needs even we are paying best respect for them or not. In many religions, when we even compare all religions with other, all of them teach to how pay best regards to our parents? How we can serve them as highly. In christiaonty, they followers try to guide his parents for fine life. They address their god, while the name father. But in high society or even some prosper countries, people made parents home, where they send their parents as they are old. It is totally against humanity and charity.

When they need us, we are throwing them like as garbage. We really forget on which times they help us to grow, to study, to learn, and even how we should eat. Public made day for father and send many more fathers day quotes to other persons too. We agree it appeal and enhance the value of relationship of parents. But now it seems just in words just in cards or just on internet. If it is really matter, that we love our parents so why we send them in old homes, then we demolish all that type of old homes and have to bring them with us. Islam gives best thoughts for our mother and parents.

Even in Islamic holy book Quran also teach the preaching for them.muslims firmly belief in all saying of their holly book. And many of times in that book, ALLAH address to muslins for the worth of parents. Some preaching lines base on the meaning of, we never should say against single word for our mother and father, when they are old enough to, they see you to help them for pick and drop any place. Then why people use old homes to send them there. In Islamic culture, most of families love to respect their parents as they are performing worship, as they got order from their lord. All father's day thoughts, feelings and notions are not even enough to read, and share while we are really not acting upon. Like the example, we are sending Fathers Day SMS even we never have respect and regard for own. Some time we not get bother to apologize too, if we are rude and rough in words towards them. We are unable to perform our best for them, then we can say many love lines wrap and drape with tender and soft silky words that make their heart so happy and glad too.

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