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Business Forms: Order the Right Small Business Forms & Softw

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Find Out Which Business Forms & Small Business Software You Need For Daily Activities

Make sure you have the right small business forms for daily records and tax season filing. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your business, maintaining proper documentation is key to your success in the small business market. From human resource forms to small business software, you’ll find the right forms for your business.

1. Small Business Forms

If you have a great idea for a new restaurant or you’re looking to start a retail shop, you’ll need to have the right forms from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Depending on your industry and location, different start-up forms are required. Consider finding a mentor within your community who can help walk you through the process and make sure you have the right business forms. Take advantage of your mentor’s expertise when it comes to applying for financing and taxes, then speak to a lender and tax expert. The SBA also has small business forms for growing and managing your business or for incorporating, selling or creating a franchise.

2. Human Resource Forms

When you’re just starting out, you may want to stick with standardized human resource (HR) forms. As you become more experienced, you can create custom job applications and separation reports for your company, but ordering HR forms in bulk may be a good way to cut costs. Look for:

- I-9 forms that verify your employees are allowed to work in the United States

- Affirmative Action forms to ensure you’re complying with federal reporting

- Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) forms to accurately record employee illnesses or injuries

3. Legal Forms for Business

Start-ups often need to complete legal forms for their business. Whether it means drawing up a partnership agreement, creating a non-disclosure or non-compete for employees, or drawing up contracts to work with individuals outside your company, you’ll want to make sure you have the correct legal forms. It’s probably wise to have a lawyer review or help create documentation for copyrights, franchise rights and more. Your attorney can also help you draw up more than legal forms for business, which may include a draft of your will to ensure your business and its assets are handled properly in the event of your passing.

4. Small Business Software

Small business software is designed to make daily business management simple. From managing your time clock to transitioning to paperless records, small business software is an important asset. Consider using these tools:

- QuickBooks software to help you with your taxes

- Payroll software to create checks and manage finances

- Form tool software to customize small business forms efficiently

5. Tax Forms

Get ready for tax time by gathering up everything you’ll need to complete your filing. Keep stock of income tax forms including W-2 forms for new employees and 1099 forms for clear and thorough miscellaneous income reporting. Whether you choose an income tax software solution or tax kits compatible with laser printers, both systems can help you effortlessly prepare tax reports. And depending on the number of employees you have, small business software may be the right fit for you.

Explore Other Small Business Forms

To find out more about the various business forms you need, speak with other small business owners in your community. They can tell you what the start-up process was like for them and which business forms they needed most. You may need shipping and receiving forms, sales and ordering forms or receipt books, but it’s best to first speak with a lawyer and a tax professional. They can help guide you to the right to HR forms, legal forms for business and tax forms. The SBA is another great resource for small business owners looking to start, expand or sell their businesses. You may ask them to help you identify the forms you’ll need for your business.

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