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BIOS Does Not Detect Your Hard Drive

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BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a firmware interface of your computer. It is the very first code that is run by your computer when you power it on. The basic function of System BIOS is to load the operating system into main memory and start it. One operating system starts, BIOS initializes system devices like keyboard, mouse, video display card, hard drive, and other hardware. After that, it locates programs on hard drive and loads/executes them. This procedure is called booting or bootstrapping. In case, BIOS can not detect the hard drive, computer can not boot up and becomes totally unusable. This behavior may lead to severe data loss situations and require hard disk recovery to be sorted out.

In case System BIOS fails to detect the hard drive during boot process, it indicates problems in the form of beeps. Every beep has a meaning, like 2 beeps indicate memory parity failure, and 3 beeps indicate RAM failure. Additionally, you may come across any of the following error messages.

  • Invalid Boot Diskette

  • No hard disk


The BIOS may not detect your hard drive due to any of the following reasons:

  • Disk Controller Failure- Disk controllers, like IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI etc. works as an interface between hard drive and your computer. In case the controller is faulty, drive can not be read.

  • Disk Logical Board Failure- The logic board or circuit board provides power to hard drive components and has circuitry to control disk operations. When it gets damaged, disk can not be accessed.

  • Boot Volume Corruption- Boot partition/volume is the partition of hard drive that stores your operating system and significant system files like boot loader. If it corrupts, operating system can not be loaded and BIOS can not identify the hard drive to boot your system.

When this behavior occurs, all your valuable data become inaccessible. To perform data recovery in such situations, you need to replace your affected hard drive and restore data from the most recent backup.

However, if backup is not available data recovery services are required to repair the damaged hard drive and extract lost data from it. The hard disk recovery experts open your disk in safe and sterile environment of Clean Rooms and fix it using cutting-edge technologies.

Stellar Information Systems Limitedis the most provider of trustworthy and powerful services to handle all types of data loss situations. The recovery professionals work through clean and controlled environment of Class 100 Clean Rooms. Recovery service is offered for all types of hard drives, including IDE, EIDE, PATA, SATA, SCSI, USB, and Fiber Channel.

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