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Tackling insurance issues after a car accident

by SamuelLanghorne

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In all states of the US it is mandatory for all motorists to have some form of car insurance. This ensures that if you are involved in a car accident and are found to be liable, your insurance company will compensate the other motorist/s or victims of the accident. Likewise, if you are the victim you deserve adequate compensation for your losses and suffering.


Despite the good intentions behind insurance principles the reality on the ground is often quite different from what is expected. Many insurance companies are often unwilling to pay claims and will do anything to avoid settling them. When faced with claims they often resort to technicalities to avoid paying these claims. Motorists unwittingly play into the hands of such unscrupulous insurance companies through their actions after an accident. Car accident attorney Denver CO provides us with some tips that can help us avoid these insurance pitfalls.


The first thing you must do according to car accident attorney Denver CO is to contact your insurance company representative promptly after the accident; do not wait unnecessarily long before doing so. At the same time make sure you have notified the police. Be completely honest with the insurance agent because any trace of dishonesty can be used as an excuse to avoid paying the claim. Before meeting with the agent make sure that you have properly reviewed the insurance policy, preferably with help from your car accident attorney Denver CO. Pay close attention to the sections on coverage and exclusions so as to be certain about why you deserve compensation.


You are bound to meet severally with the insurance representative - it is prudent to keep detailed records about each meeting. Note what was said, the name of the agent/s, their contacts, and the names and contacts of their immediate superiors in the company. At the same time maintain a record of all expenses you incur as you pursue the compensation. All this data will be useful in the event that you enter litigation against the insurance company.


Car accident attorney Denver CO advises you not to make any written commitments with the insurance agent in the early stages. Do not, for example, accept his estimates of the damage at face value because this is likely to be too low. Reject payments from the agent or checks labeled ‘final payment' because this could be construed as your having accepted a final settlement. You are also advised not to sign any statements prepared by the insurance company without them having being studied by your attorney. Also, refuse to be bullied by the insurance agent into accepting anything he/she proposes.


As you deal with the insurance company always keep in mind that the company does not care much about your personal wellbeing; what the company is after is profits and so it will do anything not to lose money. At the same time, remember that the two of you have a contract. By accepting your premiums the company is obligated to pay your claims and so do not shy away from pressing for your rights. If the company is not forthcoming then you can seek legal redress from the courts.


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