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Saving water while irrigating your lawn

by SamuelLanghorne

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Most homeowners in Texas love having green well manicured lawns. However, maintaining a lush lawn can be costly to the homeowner with regards to the copious amounts of water required for watering. In many places across this state watering is inevitable especially during the dry seasons when there is so little rain. Your turf provider can install irrigation systems McKinney TX for you but it’s your duty as the owner of the lawn to ensure that you conserve water as much as possible. There are a number of tips that can help you to maintain a lush lawn while conserving water.


First of all, avoid the temptation of watering your lawn even when it is not necessary. Many homeowners waste large volumes of water by irrigating their lawns even when they don't have to. The easiest way to tell that your lawn needs watering is if you leave footprints when you step on it.


When the lawn needs watering there are several strategies you can adopt to ensure that you will use as little water as possible. One is to break down the watering cycle. People normally switch on their irrigation systems McKinney TX for a certain continuous period of time each time they are watering. This style has one crucial drawback; it does not permit the water to percolate into the soil and therefore water is lost in the form of surface runoffs.


To avoid wastage of this nature water the lawn in intervals. For instance, if you typically water the lawn for 20 minutes you can divide this time into four blocks of approximately five minutes each and with about five minutes intervals in between them. The intervals between the watering sessions will allow the soil to absorb as much moisture as possible. In fact, if you are diligent in this method you can cut down the watering period by even one-third of the time and thus saving significant amounts of water while still maintaining a wonderful lawn.


Another strategy for conserving water is using drip irrigation systems McKinney TX to water shrubs and trees. A drip irrigation system supplies water right at the base of the plant and so just a little of it is wasted on the surrounding soil. You waste water when you use sprinklers to water shrubs since a sprinkler disperses water over a wide area and much of that water is subsequently unavailable to the shrubs. In conjunction with drip irrigation, you can save water further by applying organic mulch around trees and shrubs. Mulch is beneficial in two ways; it protects the soil from direct sunlight hence minimizing evaporation, and with time, as it decomposes, it mixes with the soil thus making it more porous and water-retentive.


The positioning of your irrigation systems McKinney TX is also pertinent to conserving water. Ensure they are situated in such a way that no water is wasted. Start by ensuring that they are not too close to curbs and other like surfaces on which there is no vegetation. You can do this by ensuring that while turned on, the water thrown barely reaches the curb. Secondly, make sure there are no obstacles in form of shrubs or any fixtures that can deflect the water.


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