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Canvas Stretcher Bars - For High Quality Artworks

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artist uses canvas stretcher bar, as
it presents a fine and smooth surface for supporting his/her artwork.
They are actually wooden bars, and as per one’s requirements, they
can be arranged to form a rectangular or square frame. Even small
scale embroidery work and intricate artwork need them for providing
the required tension. It is also very important to attach the canvas
carefully to the bars so that it can neither be too taut, nor too
saggy. They are even used to hold the canvas during its display on
art galleries. The
warehouses sell stretcher bars mainly in five styles
– medium (standard duty), light duty, medium/heavy duty, heavy duty
and super heavy duty stretcher bar. They are
classified according to the thickness of the side profile. The heavy
duty ones are quite strong and sturdy and have a ¼’’ side
profile that further enhances the value of a canvas.

Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars for holding your Canvas

stretcher bars
is mainly found in the
rectangular shape, you can avail of them in any shape and size
For longevity of your canvas prints, you must make use of bars of
high quality. Pine or fir wooden bars are mostly preferred to avoid
cracks and ghost impressions. You can even classify stretcher bars on
the basis of the materials that are used for construction. The main
materials used are wood, metal or alloys of different metals. You
must also make sure that the heavy duty stretcher bar
is not fixed permanently owing to the fact that wood may expand or
contract due to the variation of moisture and temperature. For this
reason, one must use miter joints or intermittent butt to allow
movement of the wood to a certain extent. It is also advisable to
avoid stretcher bars that have knots.

Stretcher Bars – Order them Online

you need high-quality canvas stretcher bar,
the first place you should search is the internet. Buying online is
economical as you can avail of them at wholesale prices. Plus you can
also get discounts if order them in large quantities. The reputed
retail outlets will also provide you with detailed information about
the dimensions of stretcher bars so that you can choose the ones that
perfectly fit your requirements. If your canvas is heavy, you can opt
for the heavy
duty stretcher bar

for providing the needed support.


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