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What do you know about Massively Multiplayer Online games?

by AlonsoNgu

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Massively Multiplayer Online games, also known as MMOs, are games that can be played by hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time. These games are played on the internet and can be played on a computer or on the more modern game consoles like the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 that can access the internet. Handheld devices including iPhones are also capable of accessing the MMOs. MMOs allow many players to compete against one another and players can even form online communities. MMOs are rated as some of the best games on the internet according to many gaming enthusiasts.

There are some MMOs that can be played online for free but most of them require fees and players are charged for the same in a number of ways. Some MMOs permit players to play basic versions of the games for free. The basic version is stripped of some features available on the paid version thus implying that for a player to enjoy all the features and controls of the game he/she will be required to pay a small subscription fee.

Some others do not charge any money for a version upgrade but a player has to pay real money for some privileges in the game such as additional game controls or player points. In some games players can trade points with one another for cash. There are also subscription-only games that are only accessible to persons who have paid subscription fees. These are some of the best games online and which is why they require subscription.

MMOs have what is referred to as a “persistent world” and which is the virtual world where the play unfolds. These games are generally designed to be played by many people and hence players do not ‘finish’ games as they would when playing single player games.

Like other online games MMOs come in many forms thus allowing players to choose the best games for themselves. For instance, there are first person shooter games in which a player takes part in virtual combat against other players in real time. There are also role play games, racing games and indeed other sports games that can be played by multiple players.

Also included are games that are based on simulations of the real world. The simulation concept is borrowed from industries that make machines which very accurately mimic the real world e.g. aircraft flight simulators which are used to train pilots. There are game developers who have borrowed the concept of simulation to produce games that simulate some real situations, for example, flying an aircraft. Although there are many other types of online games, MMOs are by far arguably the best games for diehard online game lovers.

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