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Have a majestic stay in Manali

by manjuchandra

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Coined from the name of
the Brahmin law-giver Manu, Manali literally means the abode of Manu. The
pilgrim for all snowfall lovers, Manali is a beautiful little town lying within
the Kullu Valley that offers its tourists dazzling views of the Himalayas and a
sweet, chilling escape from the bustling cities of the world. A cosmopolitan
itself, Manali’s natural beauty is still intact. It is also known amongst the
globetrotters for its skiing and mountaineering sites which are worldfamous.
Manlai is a perfect destination for adventure freaks and nature lovers.

Situated on a height of
1,926 meters from the sea level, Manali is around 40 kms from Kullu. The scenic
hill station is embellished by the colonial fragments of the British era just
like Shimla or Nainital, instead, Manali presents a glimpse in the yesteryear
Hippie era and the influence of Buddhism on this tiny town is pretty visible in
form of various multihued monasteries that look like red dots amidst the
mountains. It’s scintillating, snow capped, rocky ways adorned with emerald
greenery on its either sides, lush green meadows, garrulous rivers, pouring waterfalls,
towering fir and Pine trees add the heavenly element to it which only makes it
more irresistible.

Erstwhile a hippie haven
in the 70s, now Manali has come under the global tourism radar. It has become a
well known destination among backpackers and mainstream tourists alike. Tourism
in Manali contributes nearly the quarter part of total Himachal tourism.
Plan your Manali trip now and embark on a journey of a lifetime. In Manali,
among various tourist destinations, visit Vashisth Spring and rejuvenate your
mind, body and soul in the blessed water of the spring that has been proclaimed
to have a medicinal value.

Move on after reviving
your somnolent soul in the Vashisth Spring and pay respects to the sacrosanct
temple of Hadimba which according to the legend is the place where Goddess
Hadimba meditated for years (Dhungri). Its history dates back to the epic era
of Mahabharat according to which Goddess Hadimba was Bhima’s Wife. Built in
pagoda style, it’s a must visit for all locals and travelers. Another
historical site of religious significance is the Beas Kund where it is said
that Sage Vyas had performed his daily bath. It also offers incredible
opportunities for trekking, camping etc. Then on its left bank is the ‘Arjun
Gufa’, the cave of Arjuna where he is said to have practiced asceticism to
obtain some special weapon form Lord Indra. It is now a spot of religious
significance for the locals and for the people who visit Manali.

Carrying on to your
majestic voyage across the marvelous town of Manali, trek up the Rohtang Pass,
the utmost tip on the Manali-keylong road. Meander safely on the peak once
you’ve got there and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains
with their ridges covered from misty clouds making it all a truly awe-inspiring
sight. Just at its start is the Rahala Waterfall cascading, beautiful enough to
make you look back a thousand times still you won’t get enough of it. Among
others are the Manu Temple, The Naggar Castle, Solang Valley, Godhan
Thekchokling Gompa which are truly worth a stop. Shop for hippie stuff in the
Old Manali and savor the true Himchal cuisine in Manali at local stopovers.

Among all Himachal
a trip to Manali will prove to be your best shot at Nature, so
don’t wait and plan a trip and enjoy a journey of beauty, memories and

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