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Understanding Google Panda Update

by kunwarpal

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There was a Kung fu Panda that took the kung fu world by surprise and then was our Google Panda. Very different to the animation world Google Panda was named after one of Google’s top engineers, Navneet Panda. When the update went live in February 2011 no one was clear what was coming.

The update is also known as Content Farmer update. It was introduced to target the low quality websites and web pages. Low quality websites were termed as the ones who had no internal or external links, not enough text on the page, poor navigation structure, low quality backlinks or irrelevant or poorly written content. It seemed fair that Google punished these sites. Only it didn’t happen as planned.

Content farms that Google initially planned to crack down surprisingly got increased amount of traffic to their websites after the Google Panda Update. Popular websites like were a few of the sites the update was targeting. This left a lot of website owners confused and disappointed.

What was worse that many quality websites suddenly lost their search engine rankings. Those who had honestly worked hard to get top rankings saw all their efforts were gone in the blink of an eye.

If you are already starting to wonder how to protect your website from this online panda that doesn’t seem to distinguish between good and bad guys then relax, we got tips that help you safeguard your beloved website.What you should keep in mind that SEO it itself is so unpredictable; the algorithm changes on a constant basis. What Google deems important for ranking today, may not hold any weight tomorrow. So we can only do our bit and hope for the best, here’s what all we can do:

Stick to the basics of SEO game like title tags, H1 tags, and Meta tags and of course,backlinks. It’s an open secret that backlinks are one of the most important elements of this game. It’s crucial for you to obtain backlinks from high quality sites.

You must also pay attention to have an extensive and well defined navigation on your website. User experience is one of the most important elements of SEO. You must ensure that visitors can navigate your site with ease.

Content has always been and will be the pulse of any SEO campaign. After all, if you don’t have content to link to, there’s no point of SEO. When it comes to creating quality content for SEO, you have to make sure it’s unique, informative, entertaining,and grammatically correct. If you have trouble expressing your ideas, there are many content writers that you avail depend on.

These are all the steps you can take and stay abreast with the constant changes in SEO alogrithms. That’s the best you and me can do, rest all is the hands of Mr. Google.For More Detail Visit :

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