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Note Regarding the 99% Movement & People of the Diaspora

by anonymous

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99% Note: Historically satirical and contrary to the Ninety-Nine Percent Movement; many mocked Kunta Kinte for wanting to "get off the plantation" so he could be self-manumitted as a "Free Man" charting his own destiny by providing esteem, food, clothing, shelter and legacy in both word and deed for his progeny.  In my research dissertation years ago on African Americans from 1890 to 1990, I noted the following inverse socioeconomic anomaly.  Following emancipation, as our populations grew in numbers over Jim Crow and through the Civil Rights Eras; conversely our economic indicators decreased as our populations increased proportionately. Land ownership decreased, bank deposits decreased and business permits decreased proportionate to growth rates, why - Eugenics?  Question, is it fair to expect one's competition to educate their competitors children in a fashion that makes them equal to and potentially greater than former masters-surely, morals and thoughts aren't genetic?  

Are we or have we been academically derelict in our duty? Tell me, with respect to ECPI, University of Phoenix, Strayer, Miller-Mott, Capella et al,  when is the last time an HBCU, Prep ( or Charter school of excellence was established?  Tell me, why less than 10% of our businesses have a succession plan?  Why is it that for every 10 African American healthcare providers that retire we only replenish them with 3 with similar results in the trades craftsmen and professional?

Regarding African American's and the 99%; I think Reverend Wright may be correct, perhaps chickens in full context of his speech greater than sound bite are relevant.  Hindsight is twenty-twenty; conversely foresight based on hindsight is intrinsically greater! 99% stop begging for access to the plantation of folks having a history of using you, ripping you off and mismanaging resources and become your own Masters-Unity is the only SO(u)Lution. Heck, slaves couldn't even leave their name to their children and the works of their hands & their beings were the chattel of their masters. Today, you can't leave your time card, salary or pension to your children and the company owns your intellectual capital while you're there ... even Louis Latimer got a better break from Edison who stole credit for the light bulb!

Solution; fast if we must, kick the dust from our feet, anoint our heads with oil, promote inter-generational relationships whereby retirement is a joy and death is a homecoming celebration whereby our honored dead can truly R.I.P.! Let us pour libations to the memories of our ancestors, wherein the faithful over a few things reclaim our destiny as Dry Bones prophesying  by Ezekiel reclaiming our Royalty as Rulers over many.  The real question isn't why not beg for plantation access instead, what visionary designs are on your table honoring the illustrious dead in memory of WHENCE WE CAME while WADING IN FREEDOM's WATER!


Honorably and equitiably,


Dr. Doctor Aal-Anubia

Anu Socioeconomic Elocution



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    LET US Teach Our Children by Example to "Lift Every Voice & Sing Till Earth & Heaven Ring". Never forget from "Whence We Have Come and Where We Are Traveling", destined to that undiscovered county not made with hands eternal in the Heavens. 
    Got to see 100 cause 99 just won't do - yes I too am loving that Gospel Plow & Train (there's a lot of great social & economic rhythmic structure in those old tempos) -- Join me in pouring libations this Thanksgiving Season for the memories of family predecessors and self-less leaders like Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth, Nat Turner, Mary Mcleod Bethune, Booker T. Washington and other Abolitionist who laid a path for Whence Many Came ... forget not and leave a highway, bridge or simply a positive trail. 
    To those with thoughts greater than 99% Movements - please revisit our missions in context to today's challenges and ask yourself as you witness to the 99%, does 99% compliment or mock the libations of many?  Tell me those of fraternal association, whence came you and would you journey over the burning sands again or was one time enough?  The past is prologue; we've been sold out by ourselves and others not to be sold out again by anyone again, period.  Solution; plan your work and work your plan cause if nothings on your design table (Trestle-Board) for the future then nothing is the harvest our children will receive as an inheritance. Leaving an inheritance to one's children's children's children is universally inherent within the fabric of 3 preeminent monotheistic beliefs.  I challenge you, become divine farmers, till in due season, plant and cultivate your seed, prune them with love and discipline with honor so our harvest in due time at homecoming and going is both celebration, relief and resurrection.--> Hat's off to Alex Haley's work "Roots", our centuries Iliad and the Odyssey too. 

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