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Importance Of Choosing Good Stretcher Bars

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If you are an artist, you probably often find yourself having to work with stretcher bars to stretch canvases. Stretcher bars and frames form an essential part of an active artist’s inventory. It is, therefore, quite natural to buy them in bulk and stock up on stretcher bars of all shapes and sizes.

Finding artist’s supplies, such as these bars, are not very hard these days. Every respectable store selling similar items stocks them in abundant quantities. You can also buy them on the Internet as there are many online sellers who specialize in canvas stretcher bars of all kinds. It is spotting the best quality bars to buy that is the real challenge.

There are many reasons why one should insist only on the best quality bars for stretching canvas. Bars that have been constructed from good quality wood and suitably engineered to withstand the enormous amounts of pressure they are usually subjected to after you have used them to stretch a large piece of canvas, are what every artist should look out for. In order to ensure better dimensional stability and to improve their resistance to bending or warping, some manufacturers have started using short splines to construct their bars. These can result in a much stronger frame for the canvas.

Among the most popular in this regard are Fredrix stretcher bars. A well-known name in the area of quality artist’s supplies, Fredrix is also popular for its wide range of stretcher strips for standard mounting purposes. Fredrix stretcher bars come is a wide assortment of sizes ranging from 8” to 60”. You can choose from different available options such as tongue and groove fit, peg-able and adjustable according to your specific requirements.

Fredrix stretcher bars are made using very high quality materials such as the finest SPF kiln dried ponderosa pine lumber. Besides that, they also reflect a very high degree of precise craftsmanship and top class engineering. Using precision molded state-of-the-art computer driven milling machines, Fredrix ensures the same great quality for all their products. No matter how big or large your canvas is, with Fredrix stretcher bars, you can always be sure of trouble-free performance year after year.

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