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Big Is Beautiful When Converting From Raster To Vector

by vectorsmooth

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If you are charged with the task of overseeing an advertising campaign or the production of promotional goods on behalf of your company, you might be aware of things becoming a little unexpectedly complicated at the stage of providing befitting artwork to your supplier. The reason?  Like many other professionals who have undergone identical processes, you are discovering that your suppliers are unable to accept the artwork that your business has readily available due to its not being to their required standards. 

Most suppliers that you entrust with your custom are naturally keen to offer you the best possible service and end products.  It is imperative to them to ensure that your expectations are exceeded and that you will reward them with future work.  Do not be surprised if they ask you to Vectorize your existing artwork to resolve the issue of picture restoration.  They are only doing so for your own good.  They simply cannot use substandard artwork that becomes distorted and unclear when enlarged for usage on digitally or lithographically printed ads or products.

Whilst you and your suppliers share the joint goal of getting the job done on a correct and timely basis, it might help you to understand what your suppliers require of you if you.  Basically, most artwork and company logos are originally created in Raster, picture restoration or bitmap format.  Just like a TV screen, these images comprise multiple pixels in a variety of different colors that make up the whole picture.  When resized, such artwork begins to visibly reveal its pixelation, becoming grainy and lacking in clarity.  Yet it is essential for big to be beautiful.

What you need is efficient and quick help to covert to Vector in order to achieve picture restoration.  Vector artwork is based on mathematical formulae.  When you submit your Raster artwork for a Designer to redraw to Vector, the conversion ensures that your images can be stretched to whatever shapes and sizes you need without any detrimental compromises to their clarity and quality.

Whether you require branded t-shirts for street teams, mugs to give away at exhibitions, embossed trophies for company awards or posters to be featured on billboards across your State, Vector Smooth is at hand with expert help.  It can Vector a picture within 24 hours for you.  Not only can it work with electronic files, but it can redraw to Vector all kinds of hard copy faxed images, sketches and internet images. 

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