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The Basic Method of CD Replication

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In CD replication, basically copies of original CDs are produced in bulk from a master CD within a very short duration. The process is mostly used in the industries of movies, music and software, where CDs need to be replicated in large numbers. Today, it has become very important to store data safely and securely. When data is stored in a digital format, it can be accessed by thousands of users or even more. The method of CD replication is very effective for the production of large amount of CDs as the cost drops when the quantities increase. DVD-ROMs have a storage capacity that is 14 times more than that of CD ROMs. So, if you need to store large quantity of data, you must certainly opt for DVD replication.

The Basic Process of CD Replication

The process of CD replication is mostly done in an industrial or factory environment. A source recording is used for creating the master process. During the manufacturing process, the discs are pressed with the data, audio or video and then it is pre embedded into the CD. A glass master and stumper are produced if the requirement is more than 500 copies of CDs rather than simply pressing the discs.

Replicated or manufactured discs usually have longer life expectancy than burnt or duplicated discs and hence people go for this technique if the requirement is large. The process can be completed within very short time and outstanding quality CDs are produced. When CDs are ordered in large quantities, the cost automatically drops. So, the companies usually give huge discounts if the requirement is large. DVD replication gives you the advantage of including menus, chapter breaks, sub titles etc.

Search Online for a Reputed CD Replication Company

With the advent of the Internet, it has now become very easy to search for a reliable and reputed company providing the service of CD replication. Such companies provide replicated CDs that are industry standard and manufactured to provide the customers the highest standards available on the market. In the process of DVD replication, the one sided DVDs are silk screen printed from one to six colours.

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