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Resolving Unexpected Error 0x8007007B

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Each time, you install a new application, a Windows patch, or a game, your computer undergoes some changes. If these changes are problematic, they can make your computer unstable and in worst cases, unbootable. 'System Restore' is a utility that allows you to go back and undo all the changes that you have made with the previous installation. This works like a windows disk recovery utility, accessible through Windows installation disk, that can remove all the unwanted changes while keeping the data files intact. But sometimes, 'System Restore' might fail to perform as expected and prompt different errors.


Below is an error message that might occur on trying to start 'System Restore' utility of Windows Vista using Windows installation disk:

There was an unexpected error:


The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.


System Restore will now close.”


The error might occur when trying to fix an unbootable computer, in which all your data is inaccessible.



The specified error is the outcome of a faulty image that might exist in some OEM systems and leads to an invalid partition to remain on computer hard disk. The invalid volume appears with 'Missing' status on the hard disk.


Tips to Solve

Following are the steps that can help in resolving the given problem:

  • Click 'Start'

  • Next, you need to type 'sysdm.cpl' in the search box and then type 'Enter'

  • Click 'Continue' when it asks to run the program. The 'System Properties' window will appear.

  • Click 'System Protection' tab

  • Uncheck invalid partition under 'Automatic restore points'

  • To save the changes, click 'Apply' and then 'OK'


The above steps will not be feasible on an unbootable computer. Consequently, your data would remain inaccessible. You can reinstall Windows Vista provided a good copy of data is available. But in other cases, you need a disk data recovery utility. These applications can perform an effective scan and serve as competent Windows Disk Recovery software in the event of crash or unbootable Windows computer. With interactive design, the applications are easy to use.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a feature-rich tool that incorporates powerful scanning mechanism to recover and restore lost data. This disk data recovery product supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 and has advanced features like, disk cloning, RAW file recovery, disk status, disk imaging, etc.

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