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Extract the most out of your land with best aerators

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You need to employ all the three systems that are physical, biological and chemical, working in your favor, in order to make your farm land or turf productive. On the physical front, you have to change the texture and the structure of the soil. Compaction has to be removed along with hardpan. Porosity has to be introduced. Compaction can reduce the yield of your land by 50% or even more. Compaction stresses plants, as it squeezes both air and water out of the soil. On the biological front, you need to ensure the removal of bacteria, fungi and the algae. This, obviously, depends on your ability to control the movement of air and water. On the chemical front, you need to ensure that the pH of your farm is favorable for the productive growth of plants. You have to achieve this by the addition of fertilizer, lime and pesticides. Needless to say, therefore, in all the cases what you need is balanced aeration. Only the use of the best aerators will ensure that you are able to extract the most out of your land.

Compaction is not desirable whether you are going through a wet condition or a dry one. Compaction reduces the capacity of the soil to hold water. Therefore, during drought conditions, your land will not have adequate moisture. During the wet season too, the land will not be able to hold optimum moisture and you will have farm runoff conditions that are both uneconomical and harmful for the environment. The use of aerators, such as the tractor aerator, is very suitable for the aeration of your farmland. These come in various sizes, such as 48”, 60”and 72”. The use of scientifically designed tines, such as Shatter Tines and Leaf Tines lifts etc., shatters the tough soil, thereby, increasing the movement of air and water. The unique angles of these tines ensure that the compacted soil has been cracked and shattered to depths of 8”and even more. There are professional manufacturers of farm equipment. This equipment includes aerators of various kinds, such as the core aerators that have tines that are hollow as well as cores or pull out plugs.

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