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Putting Healthy Drinks into Your Diet

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How often during your day do you find yourself sipping on a mug of coffee or a can of pop? These typical beverages somehow manage to find their way into our hands too easily- they are readily available and have been integrated into our work and recreation cultures. However common and tasty they may be, there are some pretty convincing reasons to shake up your routine in favor of an antioxidant drink that can offer less calories and more benefits.

Empty calories

It’s nice to have something tasty within arm’s reach while you’re working at the office or out with friends. But as we all get more calorie conscious we can’t ignore the fact that many of the most popular beverages are adding to our calorie count in an enormous way – which is translating to the discomfort of weight gain and other related problems. Even worse, these drinks aren’t providing anything of benefit to our bodies so we’ll want to continue eating and drinking until we consume something with some much needed fuel for our bio-machines. A good antioxidant drink will usually contain fewer calories than alternative, not so healthy drinks. As well it can provide many of the most beneficial substances that our bodies crave so you won’t have that depleted feeling all day.

Nutrients on the go

The internet is chock full of lists of the best foods to eat and those containing the highest level of antioxidants. But who really has the time to consistently buy and prepare all of these select fruits and vegetables. We’ve all felt the frustration of finally finding the time to make a salad and opening the refrigerator door to be greeted by wilted and mushy produce that’s far past its due date. To make matters worse many of the best sources of antioxidants like mulberries and goji berries are expensive and often difficult or impossible to find. If you are looking for a fast way to get a tailored blend of foods rich in antioxidants, an antioxidant drink can provide everything in one convenient bottle. Just stock up on your favorite brand and keep them handy for a quick grab as you’re rushing out the door.

Healthy habits

The western world is in a health crisis and must change its habits on a global scale to see results. Every time a child sees a parent, teacher or friend drinking coke it influences and encourages him to do the same. You can help build up healthy habits in your children and friends by being a good example. And after seeing the enjoyment you get out of an antioxidant drink, friends may think twice before adding a bottle of soda to the grocery store cart. By being the first one in your social circle to switch to healthier drinking habits you can be a positive influence and help them to change for the better.

The benefits of antioxidants have been well established and include the reduction of free radicals, building healthy cells, fighting against cancer and keeping the body younger. By regularly choosing an antioxidant drink, you can bestow these wonderful benefits on your body without sacrificing time or convenience.

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