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Shot Blasting – The Perfect Choice for Steel Preparation

by sandblasting

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If you want to refurbish something that has a metallic surface, the first thing that you need to carry out is to remove the previous coating of paints, or the other particles that have settled on its surface due to various natural reactions such as rusting, corrosion, etc. Cleaning the surface of steelwork requires the need of a precise technique and shot blasting is the perfect answer to this call.


Steel preparation is not an easy task. All paint and corrosion needs to be completely removed, to leave bare metal, otherwise the new coating will fail, long before the estimate given by the manufacturer.  Linishing, sanding, grinding and using nail guns and hot air-guns and scrapers is an extremely lengthy and laborious process.  The mind-numbing nature of this work causes low morale and hence low productivity amongst your labour force.


However, shot blasting (or grit blasting) with a 2 man team, will accomplish the same amount of work as 20-30 men using hand tools - a massive saving in time and wages. The Sand blasting technique normally uses Iron silicate (copper slag) or recycled glass to produce a near white metal finish (SA 2.5) or white metal finish (SA 3).


The whole equipment is small enough to be taken to any place to carry out mobile sandblasting processes. It can be easily carried by a vehicle and doesn’t require much people to carry out the cleaning procedure. A two person team can be efficiently able to organise the machine and carry out the blasting process within a few minutes.


Sandblasting kit is extremely portable, and can be used to access areas that are long distances from the air compressor – hundreds of metres if the compressor is powerful enough.  Mobile shot blasting rigs can be used to blast roller coasters, ships and barges, bridges and underground tunnels.


Modern mobile sand blasting systems have revolutionised steel preparation.  They can be used from cherry-pickers and scissor lifts without the need for expensive scaffolding.  Surfaces can be hit from several feet away without needing to provide close access.


Blast cleaning results in creating clean surfaces that can be refurbished according to the needs of the user. It can be steadily used to remove paints and rusts prior to application of coatings. that spoil the surface of a steelwork completely. The shot blasting method revives the original color of the metal which can be painted again so that they can be brought into any specific application, or can be used by the user as per their choice.

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