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The best cure for autism since brain injury with G therapy

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Brain injuries can sometimes have more than surgical consequences and lead to damage of brain cells. As per the statistics of the Medical Association of America, more than 1.4 million people in the US suffer from some kind of brain injury and about 5.3 million suffer the consequences of brain damage. The traumatic head injuries that we discuss here are all a result of head injuries. Both acquired brain injury and traumatic brain injury disrupt the normal functioning of the brain – the most important organ of a human system. It is important to understand the difference to derive at a viable brain injury treatment procedure.

Traumatic brain injuries, also referred to as TBI are a result of some external force to the brain as in case of accidents and blows causing the brain to move inside the skull and get disoriented or suffer some wear and tear. On the other hand, Acquired brain injury, also referred to as ABI is more at the cellular level. It is mostly caused by internal conditions such as tumor, or neurological illness and strokes.

When brain injuries leave behind traumatic effects, it can as well set forth an autistic condition. Most of the times, it leads to severe behavioral disorders that could completely change the lifestyle of the individual. G Therapy is a new breakthrough in treating both TBI and ABI in autistic patients. The herbal mixture created by Dr Gunwant Oswal from Pune, India has been helping more than 2,000 patients in India and more abroad. As per the doctor, the treatment actually helps stimulate neuro transmitters that have been long inhibited by the injury effects and removes any blockage that has been resulting in awkward behavior. While we know that our body has an innate tendency to repair cellular damages, the medicine actually works upon to boost the immune system of the individual making progress faster. While it cannot be said that the G therapy treatment can deliver a complete cure, significant amount of improvements have been witnessed in severe cases of mental drawbacks. In almost all cases, the motor and the higher cortical functions of the brain have shown positive changes as opposed to failure of other treatment procedures. G therapy from doctor Oswal is one of the prime autism treatments in India and the procedures are fast getting recognized and adapted in other countries including US, UK, Middle East and South Asian countries. Improvements have been witnessed in fine and gross motor control, regaining regular activity skills, speech, emotional competence, cognition and understanding.

Gene therapy has provided the medical world with the most significant hope for curing tragic brain impairment till date. The idea is to equip the natural body cells to manipulate and grow over barriers caused by faulty genes and replace with healthy ones. Brain injury treatment is definitely more complicated than rocket science but there is definitely a hope with G therapy.

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