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Most dental offices have become computerized with sophisticated software to simplify the complicated procedure for clinical practice and patient administration. Software serves in a wide selection of applications, ranging from the alternative of routine office paperwork to help more sophisticated imaging techniques.


The practice management software helps reduce the handling of administrative tasks for instance patient recordkeeping, inventory control pertaining to dental supplies, appointment scheduling, insurance processing and real-time reporting (billing) if your transaction actually takes place. Many versatile Windows-based applications exist that allow the dentist to do chair-side data entry and preparation. At present, many web-based dental PMS programs can also be available that provide advanced methods of improved clinical practices.


Medical Supply Inventory Software - The progress in computer technology and improved strategies to medical imaging have complemented dental practices well in diagnosing and planning the span of appropriate treatment. The imaging software program with digital modalities like 3-dimensional modeling, intra-oral camcorder and X-ray units, and cephalometric and tomographic X-rays, helps the dental practices make crucial decisions. The imaging software has been used in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics into a large extent.


In cosmetic dental treatment, the software has served to reinforce the awareness of esthetic dental treatment. The main purpose of the cosmetic imaging software should be to allow the manipulation of smiles and simulation from the results in the proposed treatment method. There are smile libraries and databases to explore and judge the procedures to get followed.


Medical Supply Software   - Computer image-guided surgery is widely followed in several branches of surgical interventions. Introduced in the early 80s in the form of simulated operations, present-day image-guided surgical systems have become precise and safe systems. They are controlled mainly by an infra-red light, and function without a mechanical link relating to the operative field, instruments and personal computer. Dentists are widely using this cutting-edge technique in use of oral implants, considering the dependence on outstanding safety and accuracy due to this procedure.


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