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Top Ways to Switch Your Sukkot Preparations to Top Gear

by Myesrog

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The advent of seven day long harvest festival of Sukkot is to be preceded by efforts to select the most beautiful lulav and esrog set and preserving the same for reciting the blessings of God. The set should stay fresh all through the holiday. Otherwise, dryness may set in which will make the set unattractive and unfit for religious purpose (pasul). Pasul can also occur if the four species start losing leaves.

It is imperative that efforts are to be employed to keep the set away from factors that may induce damage.


You need not put this in the refrigerator as the set runs the risk of experiencing frostbite when subjected to the intense cold emanated by the sidewalls. Further, other products stored in the refrigerator may defile the divine product with their intimacy.  

The esrog set should be stored in a container specifically built for housing it and kept away in a cool and non-humid place like closet. The box must be padded with soft products like cotton or sponge and care should be exercised so that the box is not shaken. Extreme caution should be observed for etrog with pittam as a careless jerk can break the spine and render the set ‘Pasul’. The etrog can be made to last an entire year by placing in a bag from which the air has been suctioned out. It is advisable to wrap the esrog in flaxand abstain from over handling as the same may give rise to brown discolorations.


Lulav, too requires only shaded storage arrangement. One should exhibit extreme care in handling the plastic case with sponge padding as the Lulav runs the risk of getting damaged during opening and closing of the box. The case should also be held delicately so as to ensure that the tip of Lulav doesn’t’ come in abrupt contact with box’s top. The center leaf may get split if banging takes place.   

Dimensions of perfect species for Sukkot

It is mandatory to adhere to the prescribed shape of the 4 species to maintain the sanctity of the Sukkot.


Only one is required which must be straight with leaves sticking together. Dryness must not be visible and the top should be intact. Lulav should not be less than 15 inches in length.


Three Hadasim should accompany one Lulav. The myrtle should be palpably green and fresh. The integrity of the branch top should not be violated. The myrtle frond should feature leaves in groups of 3 at the top.


Each lulav must have two Aravos with long and unbroken smooth edged leaves.


The esrog should have bumps and must be larger than an egg in size. Not a single part of citron should be absent.

Just by being careful with the dimensions and storage of lulav and esrog set, your divine benediction will bear unprecedented results.

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