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Swords of Honor Ownership Changes Hands

by jeassonlens

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Boise, ID. – Aug. 1, 2013 – The specialty online retail store Swords of Honor is now under new ownership. The store, specializing in medieval and period themed merchandise, has been reacquired by its original owners, who founded and managed the store back in 1999


The new owners of Swords of Honor have assured that the customers will be provided with the same quality of service that has been the hallmark of the brand. They vow to maintain the high standards of quality that have established Swords of Honor as one of the largest and the most reliable retailers for medieval and renaissance theme merchandise.


Swords of Honor is known for its unique product range with the medieval themes which includes merchandise as diverse as medieval weapons such as battle ready swords, clothing, armor, jewelry, footwear, knives, gifts, décor items, die and hobby stones, accessories and miscellaneous items. The swords for sale are brought in diverse sizes and they also individually match with specific time periods. Apart from that, books, CDs and movies pertaining to the same themes are also available. The store has been able to gain great popularity among historical reenactment and theme party enthusiasts.


The store has particularly gained the attention of customers with its exciting range of battle ready swords and replica firearms and other weapons such as daggers, axes, spears, hammers, maces and archery items. These merchandises have been particularly noted for its historical accuracy, which particularly spark the attention of customers who have an interest in history. The attention to detail of the products makes them ideal for reenactments and theatrical performances. The store particularly has an unmatched variety of ready-to-battle period swords.


While the theme of the store covers medieval and renaissance periods, the range of the merchandise is not restricted to that. Those who are looking for swords for sale are invited to place their orders knowing that the quality remains excellent. Besides that, the store also offers merchandise based on the themes of other periods as well, therefore offering a comprehensive collection of period costumes, props and other items. It is precisely this factor which has made Swords of Honor a unique enterprise and has established its reputation as a top supplier of period costumes and merchandise.


While the wide inventory of the store is one of its unique aspects, the new management is only looking to build on this strength. The new management of the Swords of Honor store has assured that it will consistently add to the existing stock. The management has also confirmed that they will introduce new items on a monthly basis in order to cater for the growing needs and wants of the customers of the store.


“Despite the fact that the ownership of the store is changed, the owners of the store have ensured that whatever the customers love about the store will not undergo any change. The quality of workmanship and the attention to the detail of every single product has been committed as well. The new leadership of the store has expressed its hope for even more progress and growth for the store in the future and has vowed to maintain the prestige of its brand.”


Swords of Honor

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