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Should school enforce their students wearing uniform?

by anonymous

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After the mass production tendency of education industry has developed sharply in china, increasing high school prefer to enforce their students wearing unique uniform, which not only repreensting the school’s culture and educational theory, but also will enhance the sense of belongness. Since the children’s age groth into teenage life, the desire of express and show off, earing strange clothes or gemstone jewelry, these make it difficult to effect, if school should enforce their students wearing unifor become one of the popular topic recently

Some of advocates totally agree with this policy, but others may thought it’s an obvious way to interfere children’s characteristic’s cultivating, wearing into the same clothes probably will vanish their desire of making up and creative ability.


Classic Design Dark Gray Color Drop Shape Seashell Pendant Necklace with Metal Leaves and Metal Chain1.jpg According to the lastest reaserch which was hold by university of Columbia has claimed that, wearing into the same clothse may significant help children find feel belong to some community, and also radiating safty sense to those students who precisely need to be the focus. Other aspect, wholesale gemtone jewelry wish them wearing uniform, maybe they thought it won’t make students lost their characteristics, because of everyone’s exhibition of their personality, just transmited from other elemets like their speaking method, behavior and analytical derictions for issues. Just packaged into same clothes is not a big deal for building teenager’s personalities and characteristic’s cultivation. In contrast, instructors may pay more attentation on others aspects like reading field, habit diversification cultivating and polite behaviors.

Furthermroe, wearing school’s uniform also can bting students the enthusiasm of dedication. It’s not hard to understand that if whole the mates wearing same, each individual person may realzed they are part of the community, thus most of students may trying contribute to it by be a top quality person, this elements also can be found in many others field, no matter the company employee, or soldier in the military organasations, all the common was they wearing the same clohes, it's already become a representative of their field.

Basically, if all the students wearing uniform during their education process, it may save a lot of time form daily chosing wear clothes, and a apparent result of dramatic drop of luxury brand clothes competition between studetns could be found. It may significantly solove the problem of general discrimination between the poor students and the rich students, because of they wearing the same but not wearing a gemstome necklace.

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