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How Educating the Children about the Age Related Issues in t

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Children are the future of any country, investing in them, means investing in the future of the country. Nurturing children right from their adolescent age can help in rightful shaping of their career, well being and attitude. Nurturing them should not be limited to providing them education in schools but also to engage them into programs that looks to develop their overall personality.

The children education programs specifically created for them allow them to:

• Develop their self esteem.

• Be considerate towards others.

• Learn life skills.

• Take rational decisions.

• Be optimistic in their lives.

• Realise their social responsibility.

• Develop their communication skills.

• Instill the sense of respect for the elders.

These programs are able to develop their attitude and prepare them to act as a catalyst in the development of the society. A number of child welfare programs exist to this effect in any country.

These programs are also engaged into providing the under privileged children the educational support, besides providing them meals and health care facility. Different countries have different child benefit programs to suit them. India also through several social service organizations runs several child care programs.

Some school age care program also sensitizes children towards the ageing issues that steadily growing elderly population in India is facing today. The aim of these programs is to tell the children the age related issues that everyone goes through in his life, so that they become aware of the facts and natural process of aging, and subsequently takes very good care of their elders.

Elderly people because of neglect feel isolated in their own homes. They are often made fun of their slow nature and conflicting interests with the younger generations. So with the object to sensitize children towards their elders, these programs tries to capture their attention early on in their lives. Teaching early means filling their minds with positive thoughts before they get conditioned in any way. Habits learned in younger years go on to serve us longer than the habits learned in later years.

Children after getting aware of the age related issues associated with elderly people are able to take care of elders and make them feel entwined with the family and society. There are many programs associated with early children education that are targeted at teaching them about helping the elderly. Through these programs the life of elderly can be enhanced to the level where they can feel loved and cared.

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