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Tile ideas + Tiles store

by beaumont

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There’s no shortage of good ideas on tap for free at your local Beaumont Tiles store. All you have to do is ask!

The people who run Beaumont Tiles stores are our most valuable asset. They come from a variety of backgrounds - from former tradies who know how to tile a floor or wall in their sleep, to interior decorators, designers and retailers.

You can’t beat experience and this mix of practical and creative makes us the “brains trust” when it comes to tile ideas.

Our people at the tile store coalface also have a secret weapon...

Unlike most tiling and bathroom-ware outlets, Beaumont Tiles has its own department of in-house merchandisers and designers whose job is to stay on top of the latest trends and fashions.

They travel to major trade shows in Europe and Asia to see the latest offerings and bring them to Australia, or work with local producers who can reflect those trends.

That expertise is available to every Beaumont Tiles store.

It’s important to stay up with the latest design elements because tiles are not only practical but an essential fashion item in every home.

But just because something works overseas, it doesn’t mean it’s going to take off in Australia.

That’s why we invented our own innovative system of visualising tiles in real-life spaces.

What Style Am I? is an online program that tests a person’s colour preferences through a series of palettes and questions and produces a visual representation, spread over a complete house colour scheme.

Developed in partnership with a psychologist and designers, What Style Am I is available in Beaumont Tiles showrooms (and also online at and is complemented by a program called Scan And Play.

Scan And Play is a visual database loaded with every tile Beaumont has in its warehouse. It’s also available on computer kiosks in Beaumont showrooms so once a basic colour scheme has been selected, looking at various combinations is easy.

There are some many options in tiles that selecting the mix that works can be confusing.

Our systems are designed to make choice easier, not more daunting.

Of course that doesn’t stop you bringing your own ideas into play. There’s nothing like going into a showroom and getting your hands on tiles to appreciate their texture and feel.

Beaumont customers have been known to photograph their homes and bring in shots to talk over with our expert staff. You can easily buy a sample tile to take back and view in situ.

The number of tile ideas is only limited by the time you’re prepared to spend doing research and asking questions at your nearest Beaumont Tiles store.