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Mandibular Distraction Treatment In Houston

by HelenWright

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All the portions of the face are important when it comes to overall facial appearance. Even if there is a single odd feature in the face, it may affect the appearance and thereby the self confidence of a person. Deep nasolabial folds, tired eyelids, a bent nose, protruding ears and a wrinkled forehead may make one look less attractive. Breathing could be affected by some factors such as narrow nostrils. The facial profile of an individual can be largely affected by a small lower jaw. Mandibular distraction treatment in Houston is an effective procedure to rectify a small lower jaw.

The Procedure – What It Involves

The small lower jaws are corrected by distraction osteogenesis. An incision is made inside the mouth for cutting the bone of the mandible. The ends of the bone are set apart and the distraction device is inserted. Between the 2 ends of the jaw bone, the new bone forms. The front jaw is brought to the right position with this surgery and this is the final step. Only after the new bone hardens, the distraction device is removed. This helps to prevent the new jaw from collapsing. The risk of infection is quite less with this method. Typically, this is a one-time procedure. However, the procedure may have to be repeated if one has conditions such as facial clefting and Treacher Collins Syndrome.

Mandibular Distraction Treatment for Various Conditions

Mandibular distraction treatment also helps in the treatment of conditions such as mandibular retrognathia. This is caused due to conditions such as the Goldenhar Syndrome, Pierre Robin Syndrome, Mandibular hypoplasia or due to previous surgery for removing tumors or cysts or trauma. This is a very common craniofacial deformity. Even transverse mandibular deficiency can be treated with mandibular distraction treatment. Other conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, temporo-mandibular joint ankylosis, midface retrusion and cranial syntosis can also be treated with this procedure.

Choose a Reliable Center for Treatment in Houston

Quality treatment is offered at many reliable centers of plastic surgery in Houston. The surgeons are experienced and specialized in providing this and various other plastic surgery procedures. The latest high tech tools are utilized. When you approach a reputable plastic surgery center in Houston, the surgeon would listen patiently and understand all your requirements. The plastic surgeon would study the structure of your face, examine your health and tell you whether you can benefit from the treatment. Transparency is another characteristic of a reliable facility. The surgeon explains all details of the procedure along with the risk factors. The plastic surgeon would also give details of other benefits that can be experienced with the surgery.

Mandibular distraction treatment in Houston is highly recommended, safe and efficient since expert surgeons provide it.

Author Bio:

Mandibular distraction is an advanced surgical procedure that gives the lower jaw its required projection by increasing its size and allowing it to grow in proportion with the rest of the face. Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery based in Texas provides the latest cosmetic surgery procedures including rhinoplasty , facelift, chin augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty and more.

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