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Inspections through a Stamford CT Roofing Company

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The term “under one roof” might seem apt when you live in one house with your loved ones. A roof over your head symbolizes strength, unity, and protection from the elements. Quality construction and engineering, in turn, may guarantee the roofing system's durability for several years or even decades, regardless of which material you choose.

However, despite a rather lengthy expected service life, even the sturdiest roofing material out there can prematurely degrade without proper maintenance. Your roof may have survived the harshest weather conditions for years, but one day soon, it will succumb to wear and tear. Don't wait for the next storm before calling on a Stamford CT roofing specialist to conduct a thorough roof inspection and thereby spot possible indications of damage that have gone on undetected all this time.

For starters, the roof can be given a once-over inspection from the ground. Along the way, be sure to watch out for shingles that seem out of place or have been completely dislodged. A pair of moderately high-power binoculars is a plus when studying the roof from a comfortable angle on the ground. Even if your roof seems safe enough for an on-surface inspection, it may still not be advisable to stand on the surface itself because it can give way under your weight. You may want to entrust this task with a professional roofer.

Next, look for “fish eyes” or portions of shingles whose nails were not fully driven under and thus leave shingles liable to be lifted away by the wind. After every hailstorm, look for visible holes among the shingles that leave room for melted ice to chip away at shingle granules. Rem ember to check every nook and cranny for shrunken sealant or adhesive spots, as well as patches of moss and algae.

Meanwhile, the gutters and troughs should also be checked for fallen debris such as shingle granules and leaves that can cause clogs. Any affected component must be closely scrutinized for signs of severe deterioration. Thereafter, you can proceed to check your attic for signs of trouble on the underlayment.

All the data collated during the inspection can help your Connecticut roofing contractor plan out any repair or replacement job. The information can also be part of your insurance claim. To learn more, log on to

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