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Silk Flowers: What You Need to Know

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If you're looking for home décor to brighten up your home but don't want the maintenance of real flowers or plants, silk flowers may be the right choice for you. Silk flowers provide a great alternative to real flowers for people living in harsh climates, people with allergies, people in apartments with limited sunlight, or for busy professionals with limited free time. But it's important when shopping for silk flowers to make the right choices. Not all silk flowers are created equal. Silk flowers have improved greatly in quality over the past several decades however there are still cheap silk flowers options that give the industry a bad name.

The term silk flowers is actually carried over from the Victorian age when these flowers were actually created from silk. Today most silk flowers are actually created from a synthetic cotton/polyester blend. High quality silk flowers, and longer lasting silk flowers are handmade in a painstaking process that involved molding each petal.

There are obvious differences in silk flowers according to prices and you really get what you pay for. Silk flowers can be made of many different materials like silk, latex, polyester, and so on. Lower priced silk flowers might be made of molded plastic and can be limited in their realistic appeal. Silk flowers of this quality are typically found in department stores and can have some uses in arrangements but have a shorter lifespan.

Higher priced silk flowers are almost as realistic as the real flowers they are designed from. Higher end silk flowers can have wired petals, leaves and branches, giving the silk flowers more workability. The petals and other details may be hand painted and the stems hand wrapped. Over the past several years the push to make silk flowers even more realistic, or as they are known “botanically correct.” These higher end silk flowers are given extra attention and are created with latex with fuzz embedded right into steams and leaves. With these silk flowers every detail is given special attention and even some real elements may be included in the arrangements.

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